These myths about women driving should be disproved a long time ago


March 2, 2021, 1:10 p.m. | Auto

There are many myths about women drivers.

These myths about women driving should be disproved a long time ago

Is it true that a woman behind the wheel is a disaster on the road? Are most women really afraid and unwilling to drive? After all, this is what most people think, informs Ukr.Media.

In fact, the situations on the roads can be different, but when the question of bias against women drivers arises, everyone here remembers the stereotype – there is no place for a woman behind the wheel. Inadequate driving behavior, lack of extreme driving skills, total inattention, buying rights and other myths are attributed to the beautiful half of humanity. Let's try to figure out how things actually happen.

Women prefer small cars

This is not true. It all depends on the woman herself. Someone prefers crossovers, someone small cars, and someone loves racing cars. But for most women, more important than the functions of the car is how safe it is.

Women are not able to take care and service the car

There are women who are really quite utilitarian about their car, but there are very few of them. For the most part, girls are neater and more meticulous than men. They will regularly wash the car, monitor its condition, etc. Even when the breakdown is minor, the woman will be better off playing it safe and sending the car for maintenance.

An expensive car was given as a gift

When a man or sometimes a woman sees a young girl driving an expensive car, for example, a Porsche Cayenne, thoughts immediately arise that she did not earn such a car with her own mind. It just doesn't occur to anyone that the girl could really buy such a car on her own. The world is changing rapidly, today many women occupy high positions in business, so they can decide for themselves which car to buy.

The mirror distracts women, they powder and paint while moving

We are always running somewhere, so sometimes we don't have time to apply makeup, but women found a way out of this situation as well. Yes, indeed, some girls powder themselves and touch up their colors, using the rear-view mirror for this. But with one amendment: we do this only when we are standing in traffic, not while driving (we do not consider extreme cases in this case).

Women are more likely to be distracted while driving

There are no statistics that can disprove the myth. But in 2010, the British police conducted an experiment: they installed cameras on a small section of the road, and it turned out that 14 drivers out of those who drove by were distracted from the road. They were all men. There is another small study by the American Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to their data, women are more often distracted by the phone, while men are more often distracted by conversations with passengers.

Women do not know how to park

The British company National Car Parks conducted a study, during which it was found that men spent an average of 16 seconds parking, women – 21 seconds. At the same time, 77% of women parked without breaking the rules. In addition, they did not interfere with other motorists. Among men, this figure was 53%. So in this case, agree, you can argue who parks better.

Women are poorly oriented behind the wheel due to topographic cretinism

Men and women have different brains. Men are better oriented in space, and women are better at remembering certain images. It is easier for women to orient themselves by some objects, cafes, flowers, etc. But in general, we orient ourselves in the same way in the area.

Women drive too slowly

Yes, in most cases girls do drive slowly, but this is due to inexperience or excessive caution. However, do not forget that some women got behind the wheel later than men.

Most women are afraid or do not want to drive car

But it really is so. And there is more than one explanation for this. First, most girls are used to driving a taxi, with a driver or with a significant other. Secondly, men are often to blame for women's fear of driving, precisely because of stereotypes and myths imposed by society. Thirdly, there is a completely mundane financial issue — our girls still earn less than the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Therefore, in this case, the lack of funds to buy a nice car plays a role. Fourth, we are simply sometimes afraid of possible accidents, weather conditions and even the dark.


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