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These "pearls" that teenagers consume and which lead them to cigarettes

40% of young people aged 17 smoked in 2000. Twenty-two years later, there were only 15, 6%. Face to face This phenomenon, the tobacco industry continues to renew itself, as evidenced by these "pearls" which start at make yourself known in the market.

The Alliance Against Tobacco is sounding the alarm. Tuesday November 14, she broadcast its survey of 13-16 year olds. It reveals, among other things, that many adolescents have already heard of the new products offered by the tobacco industry. Products yet with destination for adults. Worse still, 9% of those questioned have already were able to taste the sachets, while 11% claimed to have already tasted the sachets. tested the "pearls" of nicotine.

Named "Nicopop", these famous colored marbles have landed on the market. just before summer 2023 on the market French. Often sold online, but also available at tobacconists, these "pearls" Nicotine products appeal to young people, because as with the sachets, the smoke is eliminated. "With flavored sachets and pearls, manufacturers are still targeting young people and are going so far as to target young people. remove the smoke to suggest that they are less dangerous!" is alarmed by the Parisianthe president of the collective of associations against smoking, Loïc Josseran. And to deplore: "We are at a point where put candy on the table Nicotine in the mouths of kids is despicable!"

If à to date, "no scientific study" on these products has not been corrected. achieved, recalls Santé public France whose daily life in the capital is echoed, the "pearls" just like nicotine sachets present “a high risk of dependence”. Likewise, if the list of ingredients that compose them still remains vague, one thing is already clear. safe, nicotine is very present. "Let's not kid ourselves, these sachets and pearls are a loss leader: many will then end up with a long-term cigarette. hand !" warned Loïc Josseran. The Alliance against tobacco, but also the confederation of tobacconists, are now calling on the authorities to put in place regulations.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

Teilor Stone has been a reporter on the news desk since 2013. Before that she wrote about young adolescence and family dynamics for Styles and was the legal affairs correspondent for the Metro desk. Before joining Thesaxon , Teilor Stone worked as a staff writer at the Village Voice and a freelancer for Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, GQ and Mirabella. To get in touch, contact me through my teilor@nizhtimes.com 1-800-268-7116