These products reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Scientists conducted a study and found that bean products reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to them, the simple addition of fruits of plants in food promotes good health.

Эти продукты снижают риск сердечно-сосудистых болезней

Doctors, the most common cause of death in the world are heart problems. In addition, the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is the most costly. Wanting to know how can preserve heart healthy, researchers have studied various scientific works of the colleagues, in which they monitored the effect of various foods on the body. After lengthy analysis, scientists drew attention to the legumes. As it turned out, just adding them to regular diet can be 10% to improve the condition of the circulatory system and reducing hypertension. If we try to complement the dishes a lot of food of plant origin, it is possible to increase the positive effect. Best reduce the risks and lower blood pressure peas, lentils and beans.

Researchers say the positive effect is achieved due to the content in these plants a large amount of dietary fiber and micronutrients, valuable for health, and plant-based protein. In addition, bean products contain a small amount of fat, and no cholesterol. No less useful is the role of a low glycemic index. All these factors contribute to the prevention of cardiometabolic diseases.

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