These professions are real hell in reality, but from the outside they seem like heaven


August 4, 2022, 09:06 | Business

Expectations and reality.

These professions are real hell in reality, but from the outside they seem paradise

In childhood, we all dreamed about the same jobs: someone wanted to work as a veterinarian, others saw themselves as famous journalists. Most dreams are never destined to come true. And good, informs Ukr.Media.


Expectations: Hurrah, I will work with puppies and kittens!

Reality: a three-month-old kitten is dying in my arms. I have seen so much blood, horror and contempt of the owners that it is more and more difficult to cope with it. She sent animals with cancer home because their owners simply could not pay for treatment. And how many times I was the only one who supported pets before they left this world. No one talks about the excruciating pain I face every day.


When you enter the university, you are sure that you will design large fancy buildings that will definitely become iconic. But in reality there is almost no demand for it. But what society really needs are warehouses, supermarkets, shopping centers and ugly, but cheap houses. Most likely, you will be engaged in them for the rest of your life.


Before, everyone thought it was great that I was working as a journalist on a sports TV channel. But in reality there was very little that was pleasant. 70% of the people I worked with were miserable jerks with over-inflated arrogance… And I also had to deal with athletes.

Video Game Tester< /p>

I worked as a game tester at EA for almost three years. Here's what it looks like. Think of a type of game you don't like. Maybe football matches or whatever. Now imagine playing this game for eight hours a day. Just don't play, but test.

Let's use real-time strategies as an example. You are tasked with testing resource collection systems. All you have to do is click the mouse and make sure your characters can mine gold and collect lumber. It's so simple: you click on the mine, on the forest… Moreover, there are no battles – everything is turned off so that you only test what you need. There is no plot either, because you just jump from level to level to test the resource system on each one.

And so eight hours a day, five days a week.

You find dozens of glitches. Developers release updates with fixes. And now you have to test each level again to make sure they actually fixed each bug.


I worked as an archaeologist in the southwestern United States for several years. I was also lucky that I worked mainly on interesting excavations, where we at least found something. In addition, I had to spend time in the fresh air, enjoying the wonderful scenery.

But there are much more disadvantages.

Permanent life in shabby hotels – you simply cannot afford your own apartment due to low salary Plus, you can forget about friends outside of work — it's very difficult to keep in touch when you're constantly away. The same with pets. Because of all this, archaeologists very often abuse alcohol. By the way, one of my colleagues did the math and found out that salaries are so small that we can't even afford to buy enough food to replenish the reserves of energy we spend every day.


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