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These hidden tools

If you're used to taking photos with your phone, you may already be familiar with it. Summer confronted with à saturation of your storage space. In any case, you have certainly already become annoyed with yourself. of the number of "waste" by looking through photos from your vacation or your last weekend, or by going on a trip searching for a specific photo buried in the pile of photos in your library.

If the majority Photos taken with a smartphone take up relatively little space, the accumulation of these can quickly lead to a headache. Sorting things out often proves beneficial. Blurry photos, duplicate shots, failed images, faded memories. delete… There are many reasons to get rid of these files.

However, it can be quite complicated. to examine all of these photos to sort them. If you have passed several years to take photos without ever sorting, you certainly have a large number of files to choose from. to treat. Fortunately for you, the manufacturers of our smartphones have already developed very practical tools for sorting the photographs on your device without having to install anything!

How to easily sort and delete your photos

Many articles and videos online may recommend that you install several apps to sort your photos. While these solutions can be powerful, they sometimes come with a paid subscription that you don't necessarily want to pay for. Sorting applications are also very numerous and it can be easy to get lost or even download an application that is suspicious or even dangerous for your device.

< p>But did you know that your phone already has tools to allow you to sort your photos? On Android smartphone, if you have Google Photos (often installed by default), you will find a “blurry photos” option. while navigating within the application. This feature allows you to your smartphone will identify images that are a little too blurry and will suggest you delete them. You can obviously refuse or accept their sorting. If you want to identify your duplicate photos, and you are not reluctant to do so, If you have the idea of ​​installing a new application, you can turn to "Remo Duplicate Photos Remover" which is a free and effective solution.

< p>On iPhone, your photographs are already there. automatically sorted by their date (in years, months and days) in the “phototized” space. By navigating to the "album" and displaying them all, you might find a folder there called "duplicates". As the name suggests, these are the snapshots that iPhone identifies as duplicates in your device. These photos are then identified and you can sort and/or delete them according to your needs.

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