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These cities and towns are willing to pay you a lot for whether you settle there, here is the list

“These towns and villages are ready to pay you a lot of money for you to settle there, here is the list”

In these towns, new inhabitants are welcomed like kings.. .

Get paid to move, the idea can make more than one French person dream in this period of difficult access to their home. the property. Face to face the rural exodus and Desertification, municipalities or even countries have put in place incentive systems to counter this decline and try to revitalize their regions. And it can bring big rewards to the daring!

If you are looking for a quiet place to settle down, a change of life or for example you can work abroad; distance, some of these destinations might well appeal to you. From the United States to Sicily, from Switzerland to Chile, the proposals are numerous and the offers are food for thought. Here is the list of the most attractive destinations:

1. Griegos, in Spain

The exodus yes but not too far away anyway? Rest assured, there is no necessarily need to cross the planet to find happiness and enjoy large sums of money at home. installation. In Spain for example, a pearl is hidden in the beautiful region of Aragon. Almost equal distance from the capital Madrid and the beaches of Valencia, why not settle down in Madrid? Griegos, a charming village, protected by the from the summer heat by its nearby mountains? The municipality ensures that it can offer jobs to families wishing to settle down. She offers them three months of free rent then moderate rents: 225 euros per month. Each child receives their share of reduction on this rent: 50 euros for one child.

2. Albinen, in Switzerland

In Switzerland, subsidies reach a whole new level! You can touch up to 70,000 Swiss francs, or more than 73,000 euros, if you settle in the village of Albinen in Switzerland, present among the most beautiful villages in the country according to several rankings! Located in Valais, at just a few kilometers from the upscale resort of Crans-Montana, Albinen, Arbignon in French, offers this pretty check… under conditions! You can receive 25,000 Swiss francs per adult and 10,000 francs per child but you agree to pay more. stay at least five years in the municipality. The town hall warned: "Albinen has no school, no bank, no post office, there is only one bistro, one store and one bus per hour. You have to anticipate it before coming and accept it once there,” the mayor emphasized. the RTS in April 2023.

3. Petralia Soprana in Sicily, Italy

Ah the Italian Dolce Vita… Why not try the adventure by enjoying the landscape of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Petralia Soprana in Sicily? Face to face the rural exodus which threatens the village, particularly in winter, the local authorities have proposed grants of 5,000 euros for those wishing to settle down. Better still, Sambuca di Sicilia, also in Sicily and which still has more than 6,000 inhabitants, sells houses at the unbeatable price of… one euro! Please note, you are committing yourself to this low price. finance the renovation of the house within three years and at a later date. pay a deposit of 5,000 euros.

4. Candela in Italy

If you prefer continental Italy, be aware that a town near Naples, Candela, offers hard cash to new arrivals: 800 euros for a single person , 2000 euros for families who settle in the year in a house built before 1991 and able to provide proof of employment.

5. In Vermont, United States

Has the American dream always attracted you? If the great outdoors doesn't scare you, if you love specialty maple syrup, then you'll love it. local, the state of Vermont is for you. This state has established a subsidy program. It targets workers distance. A file is available complete online. After moving, depending on your settlement area, eligible individuals may receive up to $100,000. 7500 dollars. If you fear homesickness, know that the capital of Vermont is called Montpelier (yes with only one “l”). Enough to have a little taste of the South…

6. Curtis in Nebraska, United States

Are you more interested in the Midwest and the Great Plains? Why not choose Nebraska? Several small towns have implemented aid programs in recent years, including the town of Curtis. The land was even renovated. offered to the pioneers of the program while aid for Construction are also offered in this small town of 900 inhabitants. The State of Nebraska specifies that sums of money are also paid when children register for school. public school.

7. In Chile, but only for entrepreneurs

You have an entrepreneurial soul, a brilliant idea but struggle to achieve it. convince people to follow you in this project? Why not try your luck in Chile? The country launched a large grant program to try to attract start-ups to the country. For those looking to start their business there, the Build program offers a $14,000 grant and a one-year resident visa to successful applicants. And if you already have launched your business, the country offers to domicile it in Chile for a contribution of $30,000.

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