These treatments must be performed in the fall. The garden will thank you for it in spring and the effect will delight everyone

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Good weather can slow down, but you can still keep your garden in top condition by doing this fall gardening work

 These treatments must be performed in autumn. Ogr & oacute; d will thank you for it in spring, and the effect will delight everyone

Fall gardening is about harvesting, maintaining and planning for the coming year. In this way, you will emphasize the autumn colors and keep your space in check until spring. Fall gardening is about keeping your outdoor space open all season and making your garden ready for winter.

What to do in the garden in autumn to enjoy it to the full in spring

From harvesting and enjoying the fruits of summer labor, to planting wintering bulbs and protecting existing trees and crops from harsh winter weather (depending on climate), fall is a time of year that means a lot of change, so it's really exciting to spend time in the garden!

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As part of your fall gardening routine, use a good pair of secateurs or hedge trimmers to trim thick stems straight away and remove any dead branches and leaves. This will facilitate spring care, prevent overgrowth and crowding, and reduce leaf fall.

Autumn is also a great time to prune fruit shrubs, especially currants, blackberries and raspberries, after production is finished; young trees that have not yet developed well, and bedding perennials such as peonies.

Autumn leaves are beautiful, but gardens with mature trees will have plenty of them on the ground. Fortunately, leaves can be very useful and you don't have to throw them away with your garden waste.

Add the leaves to your homemade compost instead, as they make the perfect brown matter that is essential. The grass will still need a lot of water in dry winter.

If you notice brown spots on your lawn, make sure it is watered regularly. If you have plants growing in a tunnel garden, make sure they all have good drainage and try to lift the pots off the ground to prevent them from flooding. Then insulate the pots with hay, cardboard, gardening wool.

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