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Shower gels and shampoos are everyday products and yet some, from very popular brands, contain a dangerous substance.

We use them every day. Shower gel and shampoo are hygiene products par excellence. In contact with our skin, it is better to ensure that they are not harmful. In 2023, cosmetics were the most frequently notified product type. as potentially presenting health risks. The Safety gate, systemè European alert mechanism on dangerous products which allows the rapid exchange of information, there you go a list of cosmetic and care products risk with recalls organized in certain countries, such as in Italy, a country which launched alert. Continued &agrav; As of this report, at the beginning of June 2024, 22 notifications have been issued. published by the European alert and recall organization RAPEX.

Cibum.gr lookedé take a closer look at this list, alerting you to the presence of these products in Greece. They all have one thing in common: they contain Butylphenylethylpropional, which is however prohibited in cosmetics manufactured and marketed in the EU since 2022. While some products have been sold in the EU since 2022. modified and no longer contain the chemical since the ban was passed, recalls in different EU countries show that it is visibly not not the case for everyone. 

Also known as Lilial, this substance can harm the reproductive system or cause skin sensitization. She has also been involved in research. classified by the European Commission among the allergenic substances which must be disclosed on product labels and which cannot be qualified as "perfume".

These well-known shower gels and shampoos contain a substance harmful to health

Among the products listed by l'instant europeenne, in particular following à their composition, there are shampoos like Fructis from Garnier in its composition sold in Italy but also conditioners like that of l'Oréal Elvive "cr& egrave; smoothing soul" or the "anti-breakage" one. Side shower gel, we find Neutro Roberts but also bubble baths such as the aromatic cream bath from the Trésors d'Orient brand or the enveloping bubble bath from Dermomed .

Deodorants and colognes complete the list. Rapex lists Nivea "pure & natural action", the stick from Borotalco, Netro Roberts 0% or even Donna Karan New York. The "thé bamboo green" and "thé Mimosa green" of the Elizabeth Arden brand are also affected by this alert. If the substance is normally prohibited, the best solution is to look closely at the labels to find out the real composition of your products. You will be able to examine the mention " Butylphényl éethylpropional", "BHCPA" or "Lilial".

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