'They are being forced out of the royal family' – biographer on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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After Charles III moved the names of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle almost to the bottom of the page on the official website of Buckingham Palace, experts began to seriously talk about the fact that such actions indicate a possible displacement of the dukes Sussex from the royal family. Royal biographer Phil Dampier stated this in a commentary to The Sun.

“Harry and Meghan must be worried about being slowly removed from the royal picture. King Charles seems hesitant about giving Archie and Lilibet the titles of prince and princess. And the fact that they have been 'demoted' on the web website of the palace is another indicator that they are not considered working members of the royal family. Therefore, they cannot pose as semi-official members of the royal family,” he explained.

Dampierre does not exclude that such steps fits well with Charles III's plans to cut back on the monarchy, as he believes the public is unwilling to pay for an ever-expanding royal family.

The Sussexes were first moved down the site about 15 months ago. Previously, they were located below the Prince and Princess of Wales, and now they are below the Wessexes and Princess Anne Royal.

Queen Elizabeth II herself believed that if the couple did not follow the rules applicable to all working members of the royal family, they ” will not be allowed to carry out official duties.” She did not allow compromises in this matter.