They are not familiar: Tina Karol frankly told all her son Dan Balana

Tina repeatedly said in various interviews that in her heart is still an open wound — she loves her husband, who took the disease in 2013. The anniversary of their wedding, June 15, touching Carol wrote: “Thanks to my teacher, mentor, my universe, my ANGEL.” Star mom brings from this marriage a son Benjamin, who in October was 11 years old. While fans of the singer underline — venja (as gently calls his mom) is very similar to his father. And with age, this similarity becomes all the more noticeable.

Они не знакомы: Тина Кароль откровенно рассказала, ревнует ли её сын к Дану Балану

In an interview to “KP in Ukraine” Tina openly told how true feels from this similarity of the child and the father:

“He’s like Eugene. What do I feel? Love. And gratitude for the fact that it is identical, just as a blueprint. You can see it in the clothes and I know what he looks like at home. And hands, and gait is Eugene Ogier,” says Tina.

Tina also told how the son responds to the attention of men to his mother, jealous of Lee.

“He does not analyze. Of course, he feels the energy. But precedents to embarrass him was not. I’d make sure he’s all proud.”

But to the question, all boy mom to Dana Baleno, Tina said:

“The story passed him by. But he heard about him, he saw him in “Golos country”, but they are not familiar. He doesn’t feel it as a competitor”.

As usual, Tina is in no hurry to confide personal stuff. And still told, whether she make the first move and write to any man.

“I really liked the performance of Oximoron, I wrote to him in Instagram, he said. I really like MARUV, she wrote in Instagram, and we sometimes correspond. The Director of the video for the song “Come to life” I also found in Instagram. As for the Director of the video “Wabbit”… I liked guys, their content, how they make their funny videos, I wrote to them and now we work together. I made one interesting contract, also via Instagram. I do not hesitate to write direct to different people. And recently I recommended to the author of some of my songs that will be released in a future album, one production centre, and soon he will be a star. It is so nice to me and sings so beautifully that I could not resist. And as always — I’m always helping someone, run, write, invite,” says Tina.

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