They counted every penny and this is what came out of it – the life stories of the most frugal billionaires in history


May 9, 2022, 11:06 p.m. | Business

We are talking about famous rich people who prefer not to waste money and lead a modest lifestyle.

They counted every penny and this is what came out of it — life stories of the most frugal billionaires in history

When we hear the word 'billionaire', we often think of private jets, expensive sports cars and, of course, luxury yachts. But, as history shows, not many successful entrepreneurs include in their "top" such are the joys of life. Savings and smart investment of capital are the main principles used by some of the richest and most influential people in the world. We invite you to remember the billionaires who surprised not only with their careless appearance and everyday habits, but also with their considerate attitude towards the closest people, informs Ukr.Media.

Henrietta Green


Henrietta Green has rightfully been given several titles that perfectly characterize the richest woman in history, namely: "the stingiest and the greediest" (so she was entered in the Guinness Book of Records), "Witch of Wall Street" and "Queen of Wall Street".

The Green family was wealthy, so from childhood the woman (year of birth — 1834) was immersed in the world of finance. Unafraid of risks, she invested her father's wealth profitably and remained in the winnings.

Her luck and skills were particularly impressive, because in the 19th century, it was believed that women had no place in the world of finance. However, other facts also attracted attention.

Henrietta Green was also famous for her minimal love for extravagance. She had no real estate of her own, the woman preferred to live in boarding houses so as not to pay taxes. The image was always concise and practical: her only clothes were a black dress and a black hat, which could be washed only in exceptional cases, when the stains became too noticeable. This approach was easily explained by saving soap and hot water, by the way, Henrietta Green's heating was also not working.

The most shocking was the story of Henrietta's son, who injured his leg. In order not to spend money on treatment, the mother took the child to a free hospital. The doctors urged the woman to seek paid help, but she decided to treat herself. As a result, the boy developed gangrene, and his leg had to be amputated.

John Paul Getty

In 1957, John Paul Getty became the richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine.

The oil tycoon started by buying a small plot with his father's money, later oil deposits were found on this territory, which led to the young man's first breakthrough.

John Paul Getty had a great intelligence and a super-ability to make money during crises: this happened both after the First World War and during the Great Depression. Despite his stunning success, the billionaire was also famous for his rational approach to spending money.

The man installed payphones in his villa so that guests and working staff could pay for calls themselves, and not live at the expense of the owner of the house.

The most striking example of steadfastness in matters of economy was the kidnapping of his grandson, 16-year-old John Paul Getty III. The initial buyout price was $17 million, but paying that amount was a “horrible waste''. And only the severed ear and a strand of the young man's hair influenced the steadfast grandfather, he agreed to pay 3 million, but still with one condition: he takes 2.2 million for himself, and he lends 800 thousand to his son at 4% per annum. After the release of the unfortunate young man, the grandfather refused to talk to him, suspecting that he was the one who planned the kidnapping to make money.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett ranks 7th in the list of the richest people in the world and is considered the only billionaire who has not lost money since the beginning of 2022, and, moreover, even managed to increase his capital. Warren Buffett is now 91 years old, and he is a living legend in the world of finance.

He bought his first shares at the age of 11, and immediately, based on his experience, he formed a rule that guided him all his life: it is worth buying securities and waiting, it is worth selling them only when the price will be several times higher than the initial one. By the age of 32, Warren Buffett had already become a millionaire, in 80 — a billionaire, and in 2008 he received the title of the richest man on Earth.

But such unheard-of success ran counter to the attitude of billionaires we are used to towards money, because his main rule there was a 100% saving of earned funds, which should not be spent, but invested in the further increase of the budget.

The man lives in a house he bought back in 1958, drives a used car with "thrifty" (frugal) and prefers to dine in fast food chains. Many were also pleased by the fact that the man bought a hamburger for a dollar cheaper when he learned about the fall of the market.

The only exception was donations to charity, material assistance to other people the billionaire calls the “simplest act in the world” ;.

Hans Rausing

Another billionaire who was stingy in everything except charity is Hans Rausing.

The son of Ruben Rausing, the founder of the Tetra Pak company, made his fortune thanks to milk packaging. Hans became the general director of the company in the 1950s, by the 1970s the number of factories had increased 20 times, and the financial turnover had reached millions. In the 90s, he sold his share in Tetra Pak to his brother, and even taking into account this nuance, he remained a businessman with a fortune of 12 billion dollars.

Everyone who ever met him in real life knew about the thriftiness of the man. Having moved to Great Britain in the 80s (in order to avoid paying extremely high taxes in Sweden), he was known for his steadfastness when buying vegetables and fruits: Hans Rausing was ready to bargain with the sellers to the last, and if it came to buying tickets for any -what measures, only those that came with a discount were bought. Also, the billionaire was not ashamed to drive around the city in an old British Morris Minor car, which he later replaced with another budget option – the Russian 12-year-old Niva. By the way, Hans Raussing spoke Russian well.

Ingvar Kamprad

In 1943, a young man from Sweden, who at that time he was only 17 years old, he founded the world-famous company IKEA.

What is known about the life of Ingvar Kamprad? The man was indifferent to luxury and, most importantly, did not hide it at all. His thrifty approach applied to everything from furniture to tea bags.

Yes, he did not immediately throw away the used tea, but used it until the tea turned into water. The same applied to haircuts, the billionaire got his hair cut exclusively in the most economical salons, had snacks in cheap restaurants and, of course, flew only in economy class, and the number of stars on the hotel sign should not exceed the number 3.

If we talk about the structure of the work process, then Ingvar Kamprad differed here as well. Employees had to print documents exclusively on both sides of the paper and not waste products. Also, the manager tried to minimize the interest for paying taxes, and in the best case, to bypass some of them in principle.

Serhiy Brin

< p>The co-founder of the world-famous Google company Sergey Brin, a US citizen, is also not distinguished by extravagance and a luxurious lifestyle.

An important event in his life was meeting Larry Page at Stanford, together the students figured out how to sort the visited pages on the Internet, because, according to assumptions, the most popular should turn out to be the most useful. Having created a business plan, young people found an investor and raised the necessary amount of money with the help of friends and relatives.

In 2004, the company Google, invented on the basis of a small algorithm, was valued at more than 20 billion dollars. Today, Sergey Brin's personal fortune is estimated at 109 billion dollars and continues to increase every day.

However, in everyday matters, the man is not particularly demanding, neither to his appearance, nor to excesses. He has neither yachts nor huge mansions on his account. He lives in a three-room apartment and drives a middle-class "Toyota" car, and can also easily use the subway.

Once the billionaire said that he habitually pays attention to the prices in the store , although he is trying to get rid of it. His favorite uniform is a t-shirt, which seems to distinguish the wealthy in the tech world.


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