“They didn’t encourage and didn’t allow”: the US State Department responded to strikes on airfields in Russia

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  • «Not encouraged or allowed": US State Department responded to air strikes in Russia

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According to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have everything to protect the country. The US military will not prevent Ukraine from developing a long-range strike potential, the Pentagon assures.

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The United States did not encourage or give permission to the UAF to strike targets in Russia. This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at a briefing, commenting on drone strikes on Russian airfields, BBC radio reported.

Blinken believes it is important to understand what Ukrainians go through every day, living in the conditions of Russian aggression. The Ukrainian military has the equipment needed to defend the country and freedom, he added.

The Secretary of State accused Russia of trying to disable Ukraine's civilian infrastructure and leave people without heat, water and electricity in winter.

< p>“Moscow is now “arming the winter” and this is a daily and nighttime reality in Ukraine,” he said.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, speaking at a briefing with Blinken, stressed that the United States would not prevent Ukraine from developing its own long-range strike potential.

“The short answer is no. We absolutely do not. Washington has already provided Ukraine with more $19 billion in security assistance,” the minister said.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said earlier that the US did not know who was responsible for the drone attacks on Russian military airfields.

“All we do is provide support for Ukraine's independence, its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We give what the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use to counter Russian aggressors,” Price stressed.

One of the highest-ranking Ukrainian authorities in a conversation with The Washington Post, he spoke of three attacks by Ukrainian drones in the Kursk region.

“These were Ukrainian drones. They are very successful and effective. The Russians have sown the seeds of anger and now they will reap the storm,” the source of the publication added.

The American edition of The New York Times called what happened on airfields in Russia by the most daring attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the entire time of a full-scale invasion.

Special forces who were near the base, according to journalists, helped guide the drone to the target. In Kyiv, they did not confirm involvement in explosions at airfields.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland did not rule out that the Ukrainian military carried out strikes on airfields. Ukrainians, according to her, are very resourceful and capable of conducting effective maritime and air operations with drones.