They discover a new species of insect in Serbia and call it Djokovic

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They discover a new species of insect in Serbia and call it Djokovic

Serbian scientists announced that they had discovered a new species of insect that they They decided to give the name of Novak Djokovic in tribute to the tennis champion, due to his qualities of speed and tenacity.

Duvalius Djokovici was found in a cave in a mountain in western Serbia, he explained. Nikola Vesovic, one of the team members, told AFP on Friday.

“It is a very small insect, totally blind and depigmented >, with very long legs and antennae,” he said. the scientist, professor at the Belgrade Biology Faculty.

But it was the speed, tenacity, strength and elasticity of the animalThis is why the researchers decided to name it after the Serbian champion, former world number one with 21 Grand Slam titles.

“It is a predator of the only ones.” Djokovic like Novak is a kind of predator on the tennis courts,” Professor Vesovic said.

This is not the first time that Novak Djokovic has inspired scientists.

Last year, a freshwater snail discovered in Montenegro was named Travunijana Djokovici.

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