They discover the oldest galaxy in the universe


    They discover the oldest galaxy in the universe

    The James telescope Webb (JWST)continues its mission to study the light of the first stars , find out what there is beyond from cosmic dust clouds and search for signs of life on other planets.

    The first images amazed the scientific community and now, thanks to its near-infrared camera (NIRCam), a teamhas revealed the oldest galaxy in the universe, which they have named GLASS-z13 and is 13,500 years old.

    Breaks a 2015 record

    Thanks to the information captured by the JWST, Rohan Naidu and their team (25 astronomers from around the world) at Harvard and the 'Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics', have established that GLASS-z13 formed 300 million yearsafter the Big Bang (which happened 13,800 years ago).

    The telescope < /strong>special Hubble discovered in 2015 the GN-z11, which was until now the oldest, and was created. 400 million years after the Big Bang.

    Smaller than the Milky Way

    In addition to GLASS-z13, they have foundanother galaxy (GLASS-z11) that is of similar age< /strong>to the GN-z11. According to the researchers' data, the last two finds have a rather small diameter (GLASS-z13's is 1,600 light-years and CLASS -z11 of 2,300), compared to the Milky Way(100,000 light years).

    Astronomers have also determined that the mass of the two galaxies strong>is about 1,000 million suns, something more common for those formed 500 years after the < strong>Big Bang. This could indicate that stars were created even earlier than they think, something they don't quite understand.

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