They exchanged their son for a Lada: in the Russian Federation, the family of the deceased in the war in Ukraine bought a car for a “coffin”


Exchanged son for

The father of the deceased Russian decided to spend compensation from the state on a new car. For the first time, a man rode it to the cemetery.

The program of Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev showed a story about how a resident of the Saratov region received compensation – “coffin” – from the authorities for the death of his son in Ukraine. The Russian decided to spend the money on a new Lada. An excerpt from the “News of the Week” program dated July 17 was published by users of the social network Twitter.

“The new Lada was bought for what people call “coffin”, and officially – a lump sum allowance to the family of the deceased … Leaves for the first time – for cemetery,” says the anchor of the story.

Journalists reported that we are talking about the family of Russian serviceman Aleksey Malov, who died in Ukraine. His father said that Alexey dreamed of a white Lada, and therefore it was decided to buy this car in memory of his son.

“Like grandfathers and great-grandfathers, he fought against fascism,” says the voiceover.

What kind of “coffin”?

Note that the decree on payments to military personnel participating in the war against Ukraine and their families was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 5. Relatives of those soldiers who died during the “special operation” are paid 5 million rubles (about UAH 2.5 million), and the wounded, in turn, receive 3 million rubles (about UAH 1.5 million).



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