They released Giselle Rímolo: where will a new life begin

They released Giselle Rímolo: where will a new life begin

They released Giselle Rímolo: where will a new life begin

They released Giselle Rímolo: where will a new life begin

This Wednesday Giselle Rímolo regained freedom. In August 2012 the Oral Criminal Court number 7 had sentenced her to nine years in prison for the crimes of Wrongful death, illegal practice of medicine and drug trafficking.

The news was confirmed to TN Show by your lawyer, Roberto Schlagel, who, as indicated, retired accompanied by her husband and will restart her life in the house of Don Torcuato.

At the end of February, with five months before the false doctor served her sentence and regained her freedom, Pía Shaw had reported in The angels of the morning (eltrece) that Justice had benefited her with the temporary exits. However, as it transpired, these never occurred.

Although the sentence was in 2012, it was only final in November 2017. On that occasion, she was found bedridden, overweight and with clear signs of deterioration, so she was taken to a private clinic with police custody until she recovered from your critical medical chart.

According to her lawyer, in the second arrest she ended up with post-traumatic stress disorder, due to a brutal assault she suffered in the Ezeiza women’s prison. However, the Justice rejected her request for a house arrest and she was admitted to the PRISMA treatment program, in the psychiatric ward of the Ezeiza prison.

The case by Telenoche Investiga

On July 11, 2001, Telenoche Investiga aired one of his most resounding investigations: the journalists arrived at the office of the alleged “guru” of the doctor located in Elcano at 2700, in Belgrano.

Using hidden cameras, they managed to obtain images of Rímolo diagnosing for alleged “poor circulation” that according to her generated overweight in her patients, who were entrusted to her office after obtaining media prestige for her relationship with Silvio Soldán and having attended many figures.

The cameras of eltrece uncovered the resounding case.

Rímolo attended without a professional degree at the Integral Center for Natural Aesthetics (Cidene), where he boasted of having obtained a miraculous method to lose weight. But the whole plot took another tint when the cycle eltrece revealed the case of Liliana Díaz, a 41-year-old woman who had been treated with Rímolo and died at 41 after taking the medication that the false doctor had prescribed.

In November 2002, Rímolo was arrested in her department for the illegal practice of medicine and illicit association.

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