“They said they don’t accept Russians”: a hotel in Turkey refused to accommodate tourists from the Russian Federation



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Russian tourism experts suggested that the Castival Hotel Side stopped accepting their compatriots due to sanctions against the former owner of one of the travel agencies Alexei Mordashov.

The Castival Hotel Side (Turkey) stopped accepting Russian tourists with Fun & Sun. Information about this appeared on the tourist portal TourDom.

A representative of a travel agency complained about the alleged discrimination of her clients.

She said that on July 30, Castival Hotel Side did not resettle her clients without explaining the reason. The Russian tourists were taken to another hotel.

A few days later, on August 1, it turned out that the Castival Hotel had stopped working with Fun & Sun.

What did the hotel representatives say?

Officially, the hotel management did not voice the reason. But the tour operator suggests that the refusal to serve the Russians may be associated with sanctions against the former owner of TUI (now it is Fun & Sun) Alexei Mordashov.

Reviews of tourists about the hotel

The situation is indirectly confirmed and the reviews of Russians that they left on the Internet about the Castival Hotel Side.

Thus, Irina Sarykova said that “Gastival did not accept us. They said that they did not accept Russians and settled in another hotel.”


Representatives of the hotel administration answered the tourist's claim.

“Unfortunately, this situation was not the fault of our hotel. We have guests from different countries and there are no distinctions,” the manager wrote.

Note that most of the reviews, despite the incident with Russian tourists, have the hotel are positive. Guests note the high quality of service and delicious cuisine in the institution. Only a few guests from European countries (Germany and Austria) complained about the quality of housekeeping and not quite clean sea.

By the way, this is not the first incident with Russians who come to rest in Turkey.

It is known that on July 13, a group of four Poles attacked a guy in a hotel right in the restaurant. The hotel security and service staff silently watched what was happening and did not interfere, despite the screams and requests of the spouses, who tried to break up the fight on their own.


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