They sue Donald Trump for the alleged rape of a journalist 30 years ago

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Donald Trump is sued for the alleged rape of a journalist 30 years ago

The journalist E. Jean Carroll, who has publicly accused former President Donald Trump of raping her almost 30 years ago, filed a civil complaint this Thursday in a New York court after opening a special period in the He went to state to seek justice for sexual crimes that had been prescribed.

Invoking New York's Adult Survivors Law, which entered into law. effective today, the author asks to submit the former president to a jury trial for a crime of injuries related to a “rape and touching by force”, and requests that he compensate her for the damages with an undetermined amount, according to the complaint reviewed by Efe.

Carroll, 78, is already in a legal battle for defamation against Trump, 76, after he denied having raped her and had made “false accusations ” and comments about her, some about her appearance, first when she posted her blog. I tell her about it in a book and a magazine article, in 2019, and again this year.

The new complaint includes that crime of defamation and requests that Trump retract it.

On her Twitter account, the author posted a link to the new lawsuit and declared that she was not guilty. She said her action might “ruin the former president's Thanksgiving, but it will be nourishing for every woman who has been grabbed, groped, harassed, pinched, pushed, assaulted, smeared, or dragged by the former president.” mud for a powerful man”.

Silence until 'Me too'

“Some 27 years ago, playful pranks at the luxury Bergdorf Goodman department store on New York's Fifth Avenue took a dark turn, when defendant Donald J. Trump intercepted whistleblower E. Jean Carroll, forced his way into ; against a fitting room wall, he locked her in place with his shoulder and raped her,” the document begins.

The complaint details the account of the writer, who was 52 years old at the time of the alleged rape, and how she later told it to her mother. Two female friends who were journalists were blamed. Because of what happened, he decided to leave. She did not go to the police for fear of the tycoon's power and social rejection for being a “victim”, and she kept her secret. silence until she exploded & oacute; the Me Too movement.

Likewise, he reveals that he thought He began accusing Trump in 2016, when he saw other women denounce similar acts by the then White House candidate, but he did not do so out of respect for his mother, a Republican politician who had months to live, and the possibility that his story favored a “macho” image among his followers.

The document notes that Carroll has suffered lasting psychological and financial harm as a result, including a “loss of dignity and self-esteem,” and has not been able to have a romantic relationship “since the day I died.” Since Trump raped her,” she hasn't “had sex with anyone since that period,” and she's found it hard to “trust men.”

Legal change with consequences

< p>The New York Adult Survivors Law will allow It will take a year to report rapes and other sexual assaults -which usually prescribe in 5 years- suffered by people over 18 years of age, regardless of the time elapsed, and an avalanche of complaints from victims is expected to arrive. to which they lacked

According to local media, some 750 women plan to report to the state Department of Corrections for sexual abuse suffered while behind bars, while cases related to Jeffrey Epstein are also anticipated. and Robert Hadden, a gynecologist convicted of patient abuse.

New York has passed the law. in 2019 a similar law that opened the A special period for victims who suffered sexual abuse when they were minors was created and it flooded the entire community. The courts filed some 11,000 complaints, many of them against the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts, and one against Prince Andrew of England.

Most of the country's states have filed charges. s has pushed legislation of this type for child victims, with the exception of the neighboring state of New Jersey, which in 2019 opened a law enforcement agency. This opened a legal window that included adult victims as well.