They suspect a case of murder and suicide after the death of a family in Florida

  • Three adults and two minors died in the incident, but there is no official confirmation of the outcome of the investigation

Suspicion of a case of murder and suicide after death of a family in Florida

< p> The Police of the city of Orlando, in central Florida (USA), investigates this Tuesday the death of five members of a family, three adults and two minors, presumably in a case of murder and suicide.

Police agents appeared this afternoon in a house in the town of Lake Noka where they found 5 corpses. Although the authorities have not disclosed the identity of the deceased or whether they are all members of the same family, the media point to this hypothesis.

A neighbor who lives opposite the house where the bodies were found he told News 6 that a couple had rented the home about two months ago and that they had a son in his 20s and two daughters in their 6 or 7s.

Andrea Otero, spokeswoman for the Orlando Police (OPD), said that the investigation is ongoing. underway, while a police device remains at the scene. Otero declined make public the identity of the murdered, their ages and how they died.


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