“They treated Europe like a street girl”: Medvedev reproached the United States for “economic infidelity”

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According to Medvedev, the “alpha male Pindostan” on its territory creates comfortable investment conditions for leading European companies. At the same time, it is more profitable for EU enterprises to neglect the interests of Europe.

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Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, admits that a “dirty scandal” and a “dreary division of jointly acquired property” may flare up in relations between the US and Europe. The Russian politician wrote about this in Telegram.

Medvedev reproached the United States for “economic infidelity” in relation to Europe.

“The alpha male Pindostan, despite all his oaths of fidelity, love to the grave and mocking promises to bring all income exclusively” to the family “, it turns out, brazenly lied to his hateful Europe,” the former Russian president said in a message.

Medvedev also believes that Washington does not intend to share profits with European countries, but instead “takes away the last thing from an aged partner.”

In his allegorical manner, the politician, apparently, spoke about the approved in the United States the law on the reduction of inflation, which facilitates the activities of American companies and, conversely, complicates the work of European ones.

In Medvedev's opinion, comfortable conditions are being created in the United States for the rapid integration of leading European companies into the American economy. Thanks to the system of subsidies and tax incentives, it is more profitable for European companies to invest in the United States and at the same time neglect the interests of the Old World.

“Once – they removed Europe from maintenance. They treated it like a street girl,” said a Russian official.


According to Medvedev, the US leadership is driven by considerations of business and its own benefit, and not by “political madness that tightly gripped the European Union.”

In his post, the former president of the Russian Federation also touched upon the issue of sanctions against the Russian Federation. He called them “masochistic” in relation to European countries and said that they “cause sweet pain” to the EU.

Due to the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation for the full-scale war unleashed in Ukraine, and, in fact, Russian market, European companies are becoming less and less able to work normally in their own European EU market. After all, the Chinese market is full of local goods.