They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac, which are waiting for a good profit in August 2022



    • They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will have a good profit in August 2022

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    • They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will have a good profit in August 2022

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    • Get rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will make good profits in August 2022


    • Get rich. Three signs of the zodiac, who are waiting for a good profit in August 2022

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    • They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will have good profits in August 2022

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    • They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will have a good profit in August 2022

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    They will become rich. Three signs of the zodiac who will have a good profit in August 2022

    The third month of summer will be full of astrological events.

    The first week of August, according to astrologers, is extremely busy. The conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Karmic Node have increased the level of aggression. At this time, the number of conflict situations, crimes, accidents increased. Representatives of all signs of the zodiac were recommended, if possible, to be quieter than water, lower than the grass and wait out the difficult period in a calm atmosphere.

    However, since mid-August, the situation has changed. The good position of the planets will bring good luck and financial profit to some signs of the zodiac.


    According to the famous Ukrainian astrologer Angela Pearl, August for Scorpions begins with a good period for online business. Perhaps join some team, a group of like-minded people. New acquaintances in this area will increase your financial level.

    August 12 Venus – the planet of money, beauty, pleasure, love – enters your 10th house of reputation. You will be praised for something, there will be a good profit, an increase in status, a new position. You will probably meet someone and start a new romantic relationship.

    On the same day, August 12, there will be a Full Moon in the fourth house of your horoscope. Saturn is also there. This planet requires a serious attitude to everything where it is located. The full moon will be in the family sector. Pay attention to the information that will come during this period. Perhaps someone will leave your family or you yourself will move, as the fourth house is the place of residence. Saturn is also responsible for construction. During this period, you can think about investing in a new building, starting or completing repairs. There may be cooling of relations in the family with one of the relatives.

    On August 18 and 19, Venus will be in good aspect to Jupiter. Work will become a pleasure, perhaps you will find the job you want or get money for the work done.

    On August 21, the planet Mars enters the 8th house of the horoscope – this is the house of finances and crises. Until March 26, 2023, Mars will be in this house. Be careful with money. You may have to settle financial issues.

    August 24 Uranus – the planet of surprises – unfolds in your 7th house of the horoscope until January 22, 2023. This is the sector of relationships, partnerships, marriage. Perhaps there will be a forced separation from a loved one. If you meet someone during this period, then the relationship will be short-lived.

    The new moon on August 27 will be in your 11th house of the horoscope. This is getting some results. There will be profit, a new environment, friends. A good time to start an online business. You will be able to take one more step towards your dream.


    In early August you will receive a job offer, there will be a promotion, new clients. The planet Jupiter during this period will contribute to a successful promotion.

    From August 5 you will have many meetings, trips, if you pass exams – everything will work out.

    August 8 at Venus – planets of love, money, pleasure – there will be a good aspect to Neptune. A great day for dates, declarations of love, dating.

    August 12 Venus changes sign and enters the second house of money, profit and finance. From now on, you will receive gifts in the form of love, harmony, flowers, dinners, and a large amount of money may also come for the work done.

    On the same day, the Full Moon will be in the 8th house of money. Some financial situation will come to light. Saturn will be in the same house. Perhaps you will receive money for past work or an inheritance from elderly relatives. Maybe there will be investments from a business partner. Saturn can complete something, put the last point. It may be about the finance section.

    On August 18 and 19, Venus in the second house of money will make a good aspect to Jupiter in the 10th house of career, goals. There will be some achievements, a serious agreement or contract that will bring financial profit. You will see the correctness of your steps, get a good result. These are some of the most profitable days in August.

    On August 21, Mars – the planets show activity, energy – will be in the 12th house of your horoscope. This is the house of inner work, isolation, self-knowledge, work on oneself. Mars will be in this position for seven months until March 26, 2023. Maybe you will work on some project in seclusion or go somewhere far away. Perhaps work on an island, a ship. Or you will do esotericism.

    August 24 Uranus – the planet is in your 11th house of friends, the future – turns into a retrograde position until January 2023. If you work online, you will change plans, try something new, redesign the site, move to a new position. Your circle of friends may change, you will not be able to see old friends or temporarily stop working with someone.

    August 27 New moon in your third house of the horoscope. Maybe buy a car. There will be new acquaintances, training, as the third house is the house of new skills and knowledge. Get news about relatives or plan a move.


    From August 5, Mercury – the planet of communications, letters, documents, enters your fifth house of the horoscope. This is the house of joy, business, trade. There will be new customers, business expansion. If you work with students, there will be new students. Also, perhaps you will meet someone, go on a date, have a romance.

    August 12 Full Moon in your 10th house of the horoscope. It's a career, a goal, an achievement. There is also Saturn, which participates in this Full Moon. It is likely that there will be new rules at work that will strengthen discipline. A new plan for the development of your business may appear, as well as a promotion, an increase in responsibility. Also, Saturn in the 10th house can give a transition to freelancing, work for yourself. And also news about pregnancy – you suddenly find out that you are expecting a baby.

    During the same period, Venus enters your fourth house of the horoscope. Issues related to real estate, home will be resolved. There will be a move to a new place of residence or you will have a job at home and this will be more suitable for you. Venus can bring money from the sale of a house or land. And also a holiday. Maybe there will be a pleasant event in the family.

    August 18 and 19 is a very good day for Taurus. Jupiter – the planet of happiness that supports and helps – makes an aspect with Venus in the 4th house of family and security. Maybe you will go somewhere where you feel at home.

    From August 21, Mars enters the second house – the sector of income and money – for seven months until March 26, 2023. There will be earnings, a new job, a promotion, a new project, a solution to financial matters.

    August 24, Uranus stops and turns into the past in your first house until January 22, 2023. There will be a pause in relationships, judicial decisions. You will need to take a step back. It will be a time of negotiations.

    August 27 New Moon in the fifth house of the horoscope. There will be good news about starting a business, relationships, a child. It could be a vacation or a new hobby that will become your life's work and bring financial gain.

    Focus previously talked about a special full moon that occurred at the end of July 2022.


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