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They observed ; with a laser what happens when you flush the toilet - it's better to follow their advice

A scientific study points out a bad habit which can cause real annoyances.

Using your toilet correctly is not very difficult, but you have to be careful to do so. respect several little things so as not to expose yourself to annoyance. Obviously, it is very important to ensure strict cleaning very regularly and to think about the nooks and crannies. But that's not all. Many don't think about it, but it's better to think about it. lower the lid onto the toilet seat and not at any time.

Why? American researchers have highlighted a not very pleasant phenomenon. John Crimaldi, professor of civil, environmental and architectural engineering at University from Colorado (United States), who led the research published in Scientific Reports, found with a very robust methodology that the contents of the bowl did not remain entirely in it when the toilet was flushed.

The work required cutting-edge technology: scientists have thus observed with a laser the propagation of droplets which escape when flushing. They recorded with their devices and cameras plumes of aerosols which are mounted up to the ceiling of their laboratory. "Very large particles fall quickly. The smallest particles remain in suspension”, indicates John Crimaldi, who specifies in his study: “These aerosolized plumes which are ejected by toilet flushes are “incredibly energetic, but also very unstable and chaotic.” The video relayed by the study shows the extent of these particles:

Numerous studies have shown that bacteria persist in the bowl despite cleanings and are only evacuated after dozens of flushes. The particles coming from the bowl can thus remain in suspension for several minutes. Another annoying element: aerosols of very small size – a few micrometers – can pass through the hairs of the nose.

"These results  give to industry and scientists the possibility of to make changes to “The way public toilets are designed from a ventilation perspective and even toilet design, to try to reduce this exposure,” write the researchers, who also advise to adopt a very good reflex: lower the cover on the toilet seat after each use and before flushing!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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