Thibault Garcia, Shanna Kress, Julien Tanti… Real entrepreneurs

The stars of reality TV Les Marseillais broadcast on W9 have become aces in business creation. Back on their business and their beginnings in entrepreneurship.

Thibault Garcia, Shanna Kress, Julien Tanti… True entrepreneurs

Became an entrepreneur

You know them all: Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin, Julien Tanti, Paga, Greg, Maeva Ghennam, Shanna Kress… They have been part of the daily television life of the French for years. Perhaps you also follow them on social networks: together, they have millions of subscribers. Skilled in the management of their image and propelled by television, they have developed a business that of product placement. Yet many of them have also chosen to set up their own businesses. No boss, telecommuting and all that at less than 30 years old. Their businesses are mostly successful. We think in particular of Thibault and his ex-partner Shanna Kress who founded the brand BBryance, hygiene products and dental whitening. A winning bet: the brand celebrates its 6th anniversary in 2022 despite the celebration of the couple who continue to do business together. Julien Tanti has meanwhile bet on sport by offering the JT By Tanti brand distributed in 2016 at Sport 2000.

The brand's website has since disappeared but Pizzas fratés, a business launched in the 12th arrondissement of Marseille, is still alive. Victoria Méhault has launched her own beauty salon, Maeva Ghennam her cosmetics brand… Others have also got into music like Paga or Adixia. If reality TV launched their career, it is thanks to entrepreneurship that they now succeed in exploiting their image and creating a new life.

Becoming a young entrepreneur is possible

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