Thin openwork pancakes: a step by step cooking recipe

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  • Thin openwork pancakes: a step-by-step recipe

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  • Thin lace pancakes: step by step recipe

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  • Thin pancakes: step by step recipe


  • Thin lace pancakes: step by step recipe

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  • Thin thin pancakes: step by step recipe

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Thin lace pancakes: a step-by-step recipe

These pancakes will take a minimum of time to prepare, but the taste will please.

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Thin pancakes in milk with holes are the best start to the day. They are perfect for breakfast or as a quick treat for visiting relatives or friends.


  • Milk – 500 ml;
  • Eggs – 3 pcs;
  • Wheat flour – 200 gr;
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp. l;
  • Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l;
  • Salt – a pinch.

Cooking method:

Beat eggs with a mixer or whisk until fluffy. Whisking constantly, add salt and sugar. When everything is well mixed, you need to introduce milk and sifted flour in parts. Vegetable oil is added last.

The output should be airy, foam-like dough.

One of the most important secrets to the success of making openwork pancakes is a good frying pan or a special pancake maker. Most suitable for pancake baking dishes made of cast iron or ceramics. It is better not to use it for other purposes. Heat the pan, but do not overheat so that the pancakes do not burn. Before pouring the first pancake on it, the pan must be greased with oil.

The dough must be poured into the pan with a ladle. To make the pancake airy, you need to take a little dough.

As soon as the edges begin to blush, pry off the pancake with a knife and turn it over to the other side. Fry over medium heat. On a small fire, they will be pale and without crispy edges, on a large fire they will burn, as the dough is light and airy.

You can serve it with butter, jam, condensed milk, honey.