Things for the home that are not worth spending money on


June 13, 2022, 09:03 | In the world

They only prevent us from breathing fully.

Things for the home that you shouldn't spend money on

Does your apartment manage to magnetize and accumulate things in the most incredible way? And even for you, it remains a mystery how they get there? Here is a list of unnecessary things that will help you not clutter up your apartment and live in a space free from all unnecessary things, informs Ukr.Media.

Fridge magnets< /p>

Yes, they seem cute when we travel, but in the end, a refrigerator hung with them turns into a hard rock aggregator. They create unnecessary informational noise and the desire to hang around the refrigerator, looking at inscriptions and pictures. Meanwhile, there are many more important things in life.

Another mug

Ideally, the number of mugs should be enough for family members. Plus 1-2 for guests. All others will only take up additional space in the closet. And you can easily forget about them until the next cabinet disassembly.


Yes, put plates with Christmas trees and New Year's balls, definitely pleasant and aesthetically pleasing. Other days it looks pretty weird. Almost as if walking with skis and a winter hat in the summer.

Plastic bottles

They take up a lot of space, do not look aesthetically pleasing at all, and in terms of budget, they exceed the cost of a tank for a cooler. It is worth investing once and buying the entire system, as it will pay off in about a month or two. And then — enjoying the aesthetics, freeing up space and saving the budget.

Nail file sets

Just one good file is enough. Everything else is requested by the restless inner hamster, like the collector who is always missing something.

Holders for strange objects

For photos, for a mug, for a tea bag, for chewing gum, etc. Be honest, how often do they actually hold something? And try to imagine your life without them. Will something change a lot?

Foot scrub

The thing is needed. But it is quite possible to replace it with a scrub for the whole body, thereby reducing the number of jars in the bathroom. A husband or boyfriend will only be happy.

A napkin for wiping jewelry

They are actively sold when buying jewelry. And how often do you wipe your earrings or brooches with them? They can be completely replaced with a napkin for sunglasses. It always comes as a free accessory to the glasses and the case.


Here is the same story as in point 2. Just one is enough. The more bookmarks, the more unread and forgotten books. And unfinished business, including books, becomes a heavy burden and creates a feeling that you are not getting anything done.


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