Things that cannot be stored in a wallet


August 22, 2021, 09:05 | Business

All of them have visited your wallet at least once – but in vain!

Things that cannot be stored in a wallet< /p>

A purse has a very strange property: it seems that you only put money in it, and then somehow it turns out that it already contains all sorts of things – from toothpicks to a photo of the first teacher. Of course, the one who created all these wallets so convenient is to blame, informs Ukr.Media.

But not every thing should be rushed into your wallet. Some of them cannot be kept there, because it threatens with various problems.

All cards at once

Oh, these departments in the wallet! They want to shove all their bank cards at once. And also discount, gift and pass from work.

Isn't it the wisest decision. First, if something happens to your wallet, you will immediately lose all your savings, discounts and gifts. But they won't even let me go to work! Secondly, this way you can stretch the skin and spoil the wallet.

After all, 2021 is just around the corner! It is high time to store maps virtually in your smartphone. The main thing is not to put them in your wallet…

Checks and receipts

Although they are given together with money, it is not worth it it is careless to stuff meter checks in your purse, because they make a mess. And also because checks contain a very poisonous and toxic substance – bisphenol. And it negatively affects the brain and reproductive system. And it can also cause oncological diseases.

Although saving receipts is a good habit, because you never know when it might come in handy.

Notes with pin codes and passwords

We are sure that you are not doing this, but we are still obliged to warn you. If any passer-by finds not only cards, but also a piece of paper with some four numbers, he will be doubly happy. And the person who lost them will say goodbye to his savings twice as quickly.

Spare keys

You should not keep spare keys in wallets, unless you want to give thieves the best day ever. Judge for yourself: money, cards, passwords to them and even keys to the apartment! It would be better to just attach a keychain with the address to the key.


It is better to keep documents at home in a fireproof safe or, in in the last case, in the top drawer of the desktop (again at home).

In the best case, they will be remembered in the wallet, and they will have to be changed in advance, which is another pleasure, or they will fall out.


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