Things that steal your health at work day after day and what to do about it


July 19, 2022, 10:06 | Business

What things in the office can be dangerous for employees and why.

Things at work that steal your health day after day and what to do about it

Things that almost every person has at work steal their health day after day, and no one pays attention to it. Many people spend more time in the office than they would like. Over time, the workplace turns into an ordinary living environment, so people stop paying attention to details, informs Ukr.Media.

What things in the office negatively affect a person

There are objects in many offices that negatively affect a person and his health. They include the keyboard. It can be considered the dirtiest place at work. There is garbage, crumbs, dust, as well as fingerprints, which are always full of bacteria. Therefore, simply washing your hands and starting work is not an option. It would be good to wipe the keyboard every day with an antibacterial wipe for disinfection.

Printers are dangerous for humans due to the presence of toxic chemicals and a large radiation of light that is too harmful for the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the lid of the device is covered during printing.

All the time, the equipment should be checked and installed in a ventilated room – this will reduce air pollution.

Unpleasant sensations in the hands and joints, sometimes very strong, often occur in office workers. Most often, they are related to working with a computer mouse. Constant and long periods lead to uncomfortable sensations in the wrist and hand.

What is harmful to the health of employees

Each office has coolers and coffee machines, which everyone actively uses during breaks. But no one can say how often the parts are washed. If you do not look after such devices properly, they are covered with germs and dirt inside, which is not visible from the outside.

An office chair is considered a real guarantee of a strong body, if we talk about the working environment. However, very high requirements apply to this subject. If the chair does not correspond to them, the spine will gradually deform.

In most cases, all the furniture in the office is practically the same. Therefore, one can not mention orthopedics and a healthy spine.

Lead paint on the walls is extremely dangerous for humans, which can lead to the appearance of dangerous ailments. Lead is a neurotoxic substance with no safe level. Such a component has an effect on motility and sensory perception, can cause coordination disorders, can cause anemia and the appearance of mental retardation.

What other office items are dangerous for employees

Employees of many modern offices work in open spaces, and small rooms are arranged for negotiations. This is a good place for solitude. They are usually sheathed with a special noise-absorbing coating.

No matter how well such rooms affect negotiations and concentration, they also have their drawbacks. Felt has the ability to retain dust. A closed room where the air stagnates harbors bacteria, viruses and infections.

Gas heaters that do not have ventilation can be harmful. At first, excessive condensation is harmful. The lack of a ventilation hole to collect water vapor leads to allergies, and sometimes even to asthma.

Frequent cleaning, surprisingly, is also harmful. More precisely, detergents that may contain harmful components. They should be stored only in their original packaging. Before you start cleaning, you should carefully read the instructions and study safety techniques.

In the office, cleaning is usually done by its own staff, so the management should plan it for a time when there are no employees in the office. Also, all employees should be warned that they must clean their belongings and dishes from the surfaces.


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