Third Ottawa police officer resigns over corruption case

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A third; Ottawa Police Officer Resigns Over Corruption Charge

Police officer Hussein Assaad latest of three accused officers to resign

Hussein Assaad has resigned from the Ottawa Police Service (file).

Ottawa police officer who was previously charged with planning a robbery ATM and selling collision scene advice to tow truck drivers to give them a “competitive edge” has resigned from the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), CBC News has learned. /p>

The resignation means that the three police officers who were criminally charged in the case that involved towing companies are no longer with local law enforcement.

In a statement released Speaking to CBC News on Wednesday, the OPS confirmed Officer Assaad's resignation, but did not provide further details or comment on the end of its own disciplinary proceedings against the officer.

Mr. Assaad declined to comment on this matter.

Mr. Assaad and two other former Ottawa police officers, Kevin Putinski and Andrew Chronopoulos, were charged with corruption-related offenses by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), in 2020.

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Left to right, Hussein Assaad, 44, Kevin Putinski, 32, and Andrew Chronopoulos, 38, have each been charged by the RCMP's anti-corruption unit in connection with allegations that they sold information to tow truck drivers. Mr Poutinski and Mr Chronopoulos have already resigned from the forces (archives).

The RCMP began investigating corruption allegations against Mr. Assaad in July 2019. As the case escalated, she obtained wiretaps and installed a listening device in Mr. Assaad's personal vehicle.

Three civilians have also been charged in the case.

However, all but one of the criminal charges against the entire group have since been either dropped or stayed. .

Last March, the criminal proceedings against all the police officers ended.

The charges against Mr. Assaad and a civilian co-accused in the case were stayed due to unreasonable delay in prosecution.

Two weeks earlier, Mr. Putinsky and Mr. Chronopoulos had reached an agreement: in exchange for their resignations and public confessions, the corruption offenses against them were all suspended.

Mr. Putinsky pleaded guilty to one count of fraud for filing a false insurance claim and was granted parole with 18 months probation.

Des allegations of selling secret police information, reporting suspects to police, and plotting to rob ATMs by orchestrating a shootout in another part of town to distract officers were all part of it. of the prosecution against the defendants.

Mr. Assaad's resignation also ends his paid suspension from the SPO.

With information from Shaamini Yogaretnam of CBC News< /p>

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