Third parties are trying to make their place in the Outaouais | Elections Quebec 2022

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Third parties are trying to make their place in the Outaouais | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Climate Quebec and the Green Party of Quebec are trying to make their place in the election campaign.

In the shadow of the five main political parties, third parties are making efforts to make their voices heard, sometimes marginal, in this electoral campaign which is in its 26th day.

The candidate for Climat Québec in the riding of Chapleau, Anne-Marie Meunier, acquires all the tasks she can to promote her candidacy with voters.

Climate Quebec candidate in Chapleau, Anne-Marie Meunier, has put up its own signs.

She puts up her own signs. She goes door to door in her free time. But this is insufficient to participate in local debates. According to her, she deserves to be invited.

We are a party. We are [registered] at Elections Quebec. I think that all the parties, which have a status with Elections Quebec, should have the chance to participate and present their ideas.

  • Green Party of Quebec: Hull, Papineau and Pontiac
  • Canadian Party of Quebec: Gatineau and Pontiac
  • Direct Democracy: Gatineau and Papineau
  • Climate Quebec: Chapleau
  • Marxist Party- Quebec Leninist: Chapleau

Source : Elections Quebec

How to present your political project despite the lack of visibility? For the third parties, the battle is twofold. You have to make yourself known to the public before you have the opportunity to present your ideas to them.

In an ideal world, these marginal parties would like to present their ideas to the citizens in order to make themselves known to them.

Since we don't have an elected member of the National Assembly, [people] don't always take us seriously, says the deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Halimatou Bah.

The candidate of the Green Party of Quebec in the riding of Hull, Rachid Jemmah, accompanied by the deputy leader of the Green Party, Halimatou Bah.

It's a little difficult. People should not look at the past, but rather see where Quebec is at today. When we approach them, we are told either that they are not interested or that the environment does not bring them much, continues the Green Party candidate in the riding of Hull, Rachid Jemmah.

The candidate of the Parti canadien du Québec in Gatineau, Danilo Vélasquez, would like to be heard. We fight for the English-speaking minority, for prosperity and for the economy of Quebec.

Third parties operate in the shadow of the five main parties

Historically, Quebec was not synonymous with political diversity. Between 1867 and 1976, the Conservatives, the Liberals and the Union Nationale shared power.

Then, from 1976 to 2014, the Parti Québécois and the Liberals traded electoral victories until the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), a party founded in November 2011, gained the confidence of voters.

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It is difficult to find a place in the National Assembly for third parties (archives).

Over the years, a new party, Québec solidaire, has carved out a place for itself among the opposition. Meanwhile, the arrival of Éric Duhaime at the head of the Conservative Party of Quebec in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the Conservatives to reclaim their place in the Quebec political portrait, after having been a very marginal party for a good number of years.

According to the political scientist of the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Thomas Collombat, it is more difficult for a voter to open up to a third party, whereas he is already presented with five daily.

This great diversity means that more marginal voices tend to be heard less, he agrees.

Professor of political science at the University of Quebec in Outaouais, Thomas Collombat (archives)

According to the political scientist, this breaks the principle of equality between candidates that anyone can stand and be heard by the electorate.

For many, reviewing the electoral ballot would be a solution to improve representativeness. Moreover, in 2018, the opposition parties had united to set up a new mixed proportional voting system for the 2022 elections. But three years later, the Legault government confirmed that there is no would not have a referendum on this electoral promise.

With information from Nelly Albérola

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