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This AI can predict your future health: a revolution is brewing

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Foresight is the name of this impressive new AI developed by researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) from King’s College London. The latter is in fact capable of predicting the health trajectory of a patient, as well as the possible occurrence of disorders and symptoms.

A ChatGPT for health

The latter works like ChatGPT, the scientists specify. But, unlike the latter, it was trained with medical record data from the National Health Service, the British public health service.

The authors of this research presented their work in an article published in the journal The Lancet Digital Health. They compared Foresight's medical predictions with what actually happened for the 811,000 affected patients as described in their medical records.

The result is impressive to say the least with success rates ranging from 68 to 76% for the disorders monitored in the study. Zeljko Kraljevic, lead author and computer science researcher, comments:

Our study shows that Foresight can achieve high levels of accuracy in predicting patient health trajectories, demonstrating that it could be a valuable tool to aid decision-making and inform clinical research. The goal of Foresight is not to allow patients to self-diagnose or predict their future, but it could potentially be used by clinicians to self-diagnose or predict their future. that a diagnosis is not missed or for continuous monitoring of patients to predict risks in real time.

< h2>The AI ​​still needs to improve

He adds: “L’ A key benefit of Foresight is that it can easily scale to more patients, hospitals, or disorders with minimal or no modifications, and more it receives data, the more it improves”.

With these already very convincing results, the Scientists are already busy adjusting their technology and running new tests to advance it. And, far from resting on their laurels, they are already working on a more precise tool which will be called Foresight 2.

What to remember:

  • British AI tool gives hope for health
  • Il is able to predict a patient's future health with good efficiency
  • Scientists continue to perfect this technology to go even further

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