This amazing AI gives studio quality to your awful voice

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This artificial intelligence offered free by Adobe allows you to transform a poorly recorded audio file into a professional recording, for podcasts.

This-amazing-ai-gives-your-awful-voice studio-quality

In recent years, podcasts have experienced a resurgence in popularity. And at Adobe, this format is of increasing interest. The company, best known for its image and video editing tools, has already developed a series of tools (Adobe Podcast) for creators in the audio format. Among these tools is an artificial intelligence called Enhance Speech. According to the company, its algorithm improves audio recordings so that they approach the quality of recordings made in a professional studio.

Handy if you are new to podcasting and have not yet invested in professional equipment for your recordings (or for occasional recording for a presentation, video, etc.). Indeed, you will be able to record anywhere, such as in your bathroom, with a smartphone or a computer, but obtain a professional quality result thanks to the AI. This eliminates surrounding noise, as well as echoes, so that listening to the recording is more comfortable.

A free tool, but with potential limitations?

And the best part is that unlike some Adobe products, Enhance Speech is free. To take advantage of it (or test the result on a poor quality recording), just go to the page of this tool. Before going live with your recording, however, you will need to create a free Adobe account.

On social networks, users are already testifying to the effectiveness of the Adobe tool to improve audio recordings. And according to the Ars Technica site, AI performance is ideal when there is no crosstalk or excessive noise. On the other hand, even at 3 meters from the microphone of a computer, we would still obtain the professional quality, after the passage of the recording by the tool of Adobe.

It is also possible that the performances vary by language, though Adobe has used some languages ​​more than others to train its artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the company doesn't give much information about how it developed the technology. But it's possible that this one trained an AI using low-quality recordings and professional-grade recordings.

Otherwise, some of the other tools Adobe offers for podcast creators include a product that recommends the correct settings for the microphone, and another that transcribes recordings into text, and then allows the file to be edited by editing the text (instead of cutting out segments of audio).

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