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This bank will disappear, thousands of accounts soon transferred

Around 675,000 people in France are affected by this news.

It's rare enough to be highlighted: a bank will soon close its doors. And it won't be the first of the year in France. Other establishments have already done so. lowered the curtain, bringing the total à three entities ceasing their activities. A little less than two million French people have already, or will very soon have to, change banks. If for the most part, the transfers have already been completed; été carried out, several tens of thousands of people will have to start working. take steps.

After HSBC and Orange Bank, it's the turn of Ma French Bank to disappear. The bank was not necessarily known to the general public: only online, with no branch in town, it had around 675,000 customers. For them, everything was done digitally or by telephone, no physical advisor was assigned to them. Enough to give rise to numerous criticisms of customer service, despite the fact that advantageous rates, including free é a bank (debit) card.

This bank will disappear, thousands of accounts soon transferred

Launched in July 2019 by La Poste, the establishment was intended to serve the needs of the public. attract a young and connected clientele thanks to its 100% digital services. However, the objective of one million customers has already been achieved. The 2025 horizon seemed too far away, with the bank having filled it to the limit. barely more than half. Above all, she was not making any money and this project seemed too cumbersome for her. wear for a historically dedicated group. à mail delivery but which is trying to diversify its activities.

For account holders with Ma French Bank, the news is not a surprise. The announcement of the closure had already been made public. été made at the end of December but, at the end of Currently, the bank's management has clarified that the timetable for cessation of activity: since June, customers have started to à receive a letter to inform them of the continuation of the operations for their money. Let everyone rest assured: their liquidity will not disappear overnight. The bank will remain active until 2019. summer 2025.

Until then, customers of Ma French Bank must start paying. take steps so that their current and savings accounts can continue to grow. exist. As the bank is a subsidiary of La Poste, an offer is made by La Banque Postale so that the funds are paid to the big sister of Ma French Bank: 50%. nbsp;euros offered and 0€ fees on payments and withdrawals à abroad until December 31, 2024. Freedom However, the total cost is left to customers to transfer their money to the bank of their choice.

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