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This English specialist gives his formula for the perfect cup of tea - you'll never make a mistake drinking it again

Excel in tea preparation is not really difficult, you just need to apply a few principles.

Tea is a drink very popular in France, but it must be admitted that the British are the indisputable experts. And when they talk about how to properly prepare this drink, it is wise to listen to them. Especially since some have developed unrivaled know-how. In this regard, the article by journalist Josh Barrie from the Telegraph is very interesting, she says she consulted the article. the greatest tea connoisseurs to "establish the perfect formula, once and for all".

First of all, it is crucial to bring importance to the topic. the mug. Neil Smythn, supplier to Michelin-starred restaurants, indicates in particular that the "stoneware mugs" The old, thick-walled ones are a good option, to “keep” the tea fresh. warm for longer.”

But for Holly Grinstead, of Rare Tea Company, also cited by Josh Barrie, porcelain is “second to none”, with a fine edge for pleasant sensation on the lips. "It is also important to take into account the size: one cup to one cup. tea and a saucer of 150 ml" are the most valuable, she adds.

5 points respect

Next comes the technique. strictly speaking of the preparation of tea. Here is what to apply for a tea perfect, according to Josh Barrie:

  • 1/Setting up the tea. The tea prepared in advance with tea Loose leaf tea is only necessary when you have people over, otherwise a tea bag. does the job very well. Place the sachet firmly in a bone china cup. thin edge. A saucer is very chic and useful for placing the sachet.
  • 2/Adding hot water. Make heat water until boiling let it simmer, but be careful: it must not boil! Wait a minute or two before pouring the water into your cup.
  • 3/ The wait. Be patient, you have to let the tea settle. infuse for two minutes, this is non-negotiable.
  • 4/Removing the bag. You must use a spoon to press the sachet onto your cup before taking it out.
  • 5/ Adding the milk. An optional step, but very popular in England: add enough milk to obtain a color between caramel and bronze. Stir to ensure an even shade.

Of course, another element is to be added. take into account: choose the tea; which you prefer. This time, no recipe or advice. This element is completely subjective and requires spending time to understand. taste each major type of tea: tea black, green, white, darjeeling, sencha, gunpowder, rooibos… Discover the one that is made for you.

Teilor Stone

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