This careless moped driver only miraculously managed to avoid a fatal collision with a car


August 1, 2022, 23:07 | Auto

In the video below, a reckless moped driver miraculously avoided death by driving onto the road right in front of a car.

This careless moped driver miraculously avoided a fatal collision with a car

Dramatic video shows how a carefree biker forces a motorist to brake sharply, while doing it in the best traditions of Hollywood militants, informs Ukr.Media.

In the footage captured by a video surveillance camera on an Indian highway and posted on YouTube, one can see how a moped driver stands near a store, after which, without particularly looking in all directions, simply drives off roadway, along which at this very moment a car is moving quite quickly.

At the last moment, the motorcyclist nevertheless marks the car and manages to dodge so as not to end up under the wheels of a larger road user. As for the driver of the car, although he passed by without touching the two-wheeled vehicle, he himself barely kept his swallow on the road after he braked sharply and turned around.

Fortunately, no one during this terrible the incident with a potentially tragic end was not injured.


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