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This check is essential before going on vacation, forgetting it could spoil your stay

If you are planning to go on vacation soon, definitely think about it. do this check before leaving.

We always look forward to going on vacation. But sometimes, a planned trip can be planned. long time can turn into a nightmare or even…not work at all! We hope this won't bring back any very bad memories, but it happens every year. some travelers get stuck on the ground because they have forgotten what to do to check the validity of the of their passport before taking the plane or when they had done so too late to be able to make another one within the deadline. Needless to say, the blow is hard à you will have to cash in, especially financially if the stay (plane, accommodation, activities on site…hellip;) has not been paid off. properly insured.

The passport, that’s it! often what comes to mind when we think about things at hand Check absolutely before leaving for a foreign country. But other oversights can be very annoying, not to the point of not leaving but enough to spoil the party a little. Especially if you plan to rent a car to visit, often the best way to get around and not depend on public transport. Many French people don't care much about the validity of their cards. of their driving license outside France, it is nevertheless prohibited to drive in many countries with the simple little piece of pink paper in their pocket.

By browsing the embassy sites, we realize that there are a certain number of destinations for which you must carry out administrative procedures in order to drive a vehicle. hijack without breaking the law. For example, if you want to go to Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, Ecuador, Laos or Sri Lanka, a simple French driving license will not be sufficient. In the event of a police check, you risk at least a fine, sometimes high. To be in compliance once seated behind the wheel, you must have an international driving license.

This check is essential before going on vacation, forgetting it could spoil your stay

Rest assured, there is no question of taking a test on the roads of the country visited. The PCI is an official document that contains translations of your national driving license in several languages. It facilitates the understanding of local authorities and is accepted by local authorities. in more than 150 countries around the world but it must always be present. with a valid national driving license. It is important to take into account the deadlines for issuing the international permit. They may vary depending on the period of the request – treatment often takes longer before summer. -, but it still often takes several weeks before receiving it.

There is no reason to panic if you are planning to visit Spain, Italy or Greece by car this summer, just like the other 24 member states of the European Union, since the national driving license is sufficient to drive there. also.

However, we recommend that you always find out at least a little about the main rules of conduct when you go to your destination. abroad. They may vary from country to country. the other, particularly regarding speed limits. It would still be stupid to have a valid driving license but to receive a fine because you did not know, for example, that you were not allowed to drive. ;agrave; more than 120 kilometers/hour on the motorway (instead of 130 km/h in France)…

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