This CO2 battery is revolutionizing renewable energy storage

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This CO2 battery, developed by the startup Energy Dome, could solve the recurring problem of storing renewable energies.

This CO2 battery revolutionizes the storage of renewable energies

In general, when we talk about carbon dioxide, we are often talking about reducing emissions, or capturing technologies aimed at eliminating its impact on the environment. It is therefore with a certain amount of interest, but also surprise, that the product of the Italian startup Energy Dome was welcomed.

How does the CO2 battery work?

Created in 2020, the latter has indeed developed the first C02 battery in the world. The transalpine company thus uses carbon dioxide to store wind and solar energy on the network. This innovation is major, and we know that the problem of storing these intermittent energies is crucial in the fight against climate change.

How exactly does it work  ? It turns out that CO2 is one of the few gases that can be condensed and stored as a liquid at room temperature. It is therefore perfect for storing energy using a closed thermodynamic process.

Clearly, this mechanism collects CO2 at a temperature and pressure close to its level in the atmosphere, then compresses it. The heat generated during this compression is then stored.

Asked by our colleagues at Bloomberg last May, Claudio Spadacini, the founder of Energy Dome explained: ”  To generate and distribute electricity, liquid CO2 is heated and converted back into a gas that powers a turbine, which produces energy. Gaseous CO2 is still contained and the entire system is sealed. ”

This process has a major advantage: it is much cheaper and less harmful to the environment than the use of massive lithium batteries. Especially since the extraction of the latter is also very polluting.

Far from dragging on the road, Energy Dome is now entering the American market. Specifically, the startup just secured funding from Elemental Excelerator, a global nonprofit that funds the deployment of climate technologies. The organization further clarified: “Energy Dome's ability to store energy from intermittent sources like the sun and wind for extended periods of time has long been a missing piece of the puzzle of decarbonization. »

A competitor named Tesla ?

Energy Dome will therefore be established step by step at Uncle Sam's, and aims a commercial deployment by 2024. If it is today the only one to offer a CO2 storage battery, it also faces other companies in this sector which offer miniature systems.

This is particularly the case with Tesla and its Powerwall. This battery is used to store the excess energy produced by the solar panels. Enough to provide the necessary energy for a home regardless of the level of sunshine. However, it remains connected to the main power grid in case the battery runs out due to prolonged periods of bad weather.

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