This could be Russia's “negative reaction” if Finland were to limit the issuance of visas


According to Tuomas Forsberg, Russia would probably respond to restrictive measures in the same measure. would limit-visiumien-myoumlntaumlmistauml-c2a627d.jpg” alt=”This could be Russia's ”negative reaction” if Finland limited the sale of visas” />

According to the Kremlin spokesman, Russia would react negatively to limiting the issuance of visas. Pete Anikari, [email protected] Today at 7:00 a.m.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov announced on Tuesday that Russia would react negatively if Finland restricted the issuance of visas to Russians.

Head of the Research College of the University of Helsinki According to Tuomas Forsberg, a negative reaction could practically mean that Russia would stop issuing visas to Finns. Such reciprocal reactions are already familiar from the Kremlin's playbook.

– If, for example, airspace is closed to the Russians here, Russia reacts by closing its own, Forsberg compares.

Russia's intimidation would therefore not necessarily remain at the level of mere talk, but according to Forsberg, they do not evoke large threat images. For example, pressure on the Finnish consulates would hardly be expected.

– Of course, such statements are indirect political communication in that direction as well, Forsberg states.

Facts before imagination

According to Forsberg, if Russia were to limit the granting of visas to Finns, the decision would primarily affect individual people and their communication between the countries. Naturally, this would also happen if Finland suspended the distribution of visas to Russians.

Forsberg thinks it is unfortunate that ordinary citizens become political pawns in the visa debate. He points out that not all border crossers are upper-class shopping tourists or transit tourists, but a large number are ordinary people who miss their relatives and friends.

– Sometimes it feels like moral pleasure is being sought in the wrong kind of things, Forsberg says.

Forsberg sees that when talking about visas, many people have relied on images instead of facts. On the other hand, he admits that ordinary citizens also have their share of responsibility for the operation of the Russian administration, and for example the aforementioned shopping tourism should be able to be limited.

– Perhaps a compromise “visa for everyone” or “visa for no one” can be found. -thinking, Forsberg thinks.

Tuomas Forsberg as a guest in the Uncensored Päivärinta program. Editorial: Finland cannot be a vacation and shopping paradise for Russians or a transit country 26.7. 13:25 More than 10,000 Russians received visas to Finland in July – this is how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to criticism about tourists on July 25. 19:01Viewpoint: Russians can still get to Finland easily – tourists should be educated about Russian brutality at border stations 26.7. 7:01 The coalition demands a ban on tourist visas for Russians – STT: also three other parliamentary groups agree 25.7. 18:27


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