This could threaten senile dementia

Experts have identified a group of people, which often threatens dementia.

Кому может угрожать старческое слабоумие

Experts say that from dementia increasingly affects people who at some point start to be lazy to strain your brain and soul, which according to the poet “must work, day and night,
and day and night.” Over time, people’s desires are reduced to banal set: “to eat enough to sleep”. And intellectual pursuits are reduced to solving puzzles. But the level of claims to life and to others grows. Older people are starting more and push the burden of the past, but it is not always straightforward. Irritation from a misunderstanding of something often results in a rejection of reality.

All this leads to the fact that people, without noticing, noticeably becomes stupid, and in some cases turns into a tyrant. So increasing the gap between man and the surrounding world. Such people become hostile, deaf and blind to his loved ones. They lose their physical and intellectual form. They begin to suffer memory and ability to think.

But dementia also threatens those who have lived a life without changing your attitudes. Integrity, tenacity, conservatism remain with such people and in old age often lead to dementia.

It is important to understand that dementia is not crazy and not even a mental disorder, and even disease. Because of this, its beginning is incredibly difficult to notice. This condition progresses with age and acquires more and more power over man. Background in the future can become a breeding ground for germs of dementia.

There are some signs indicating that You need to exercise the brain:
— painful perception of criticism;
— desire to learn new;
— often say “But before;
— ready to enthusiastically talk about something, despite the boredom in the eyes of the interlocutor;
— hard to focus;
— began to talk about the issues, which have never been competent.

“Alarm bell” is also the reluctance of others to adapt to You, not Vice versa, when Your life is accompanied by many rituals, when you tyrannize others some of their own actions, and do it without malice, but just because I think so — correct.

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