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This dating app finds your soul mate by scanning your face</>

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For a long time, the dating application market seemed invincible, with love not experiencing crisis. But today, users seem to be tired of these applications which promise them wonders, especially paying users…

If some people are now looking for love on Google Docs, a new and rather unusual dating application has appeared on the market in 2022. Forget fruits or walking to turn your steps into dates, SciMatch promises to find you the one. love of your life with a simple selfie.

This new kind of dating app uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to match you with people who match you. Because according to SciMatch, your face reflects your personality. Those who are looking for a hookup should also give this site a try.

The application wants to simplify the lives of people looking for love. No profile to fill out, you just need to upload a photo of yourself so that SciMatch will set up your profile with adjectives describing you. Does your face exude nervousness, control, or empathy? SciMatch calculates your compatibility with other users and shows you the profiles of those who could suit you. But the science of the application is far from unanimous in the scientific community.

Facial recognition to find a soul mate

Yanina and Viktoria Stylets are the founders of SciMatch. Both have degrees in data science and computer science. In 2021, they came across a study published by Chinese researchers. According to the latter, five major personality traits can be determined just by looking at a face. This would even be more than 70% accurate. The idea for SciMatch was born.

The American dating app promises an average accuracy rate of 87%. A colossal figure. But like astrology, it is easy to recognize yourself in the descriptions generated by SciMatch. Being able to predict personality traits from facial images is something many scientists find hard to believe. Professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis, specializing in attraction and romantic relationships, Paul Eastwick claims that it is “pure magic”.

Besides the doubts about the authenticity of SciMatch, an even more serious question is raised: what about user security in all this?

SciMatch is currently a free app, although it is possible to access premium features by paying 10 euros each week. So, you can ask the application to find you a lookalike of your favorite celebrity. Yes, you have a passionate relationship with Timothée Chalamet’s variant.

But what does SciMatch do with users’ biometric data? Because the dating application maintains a certain mystery around the functioning of its algorithm. The founders assure that they do not sell biometric data to third parties. It’s already that. However, this data is collected to operate SciMatch. With the advent of artificial intelligence, it is always good to remember that it is better to be wary of the use of data, whatever it may be.

Today, SciMatch today has 5,000 active monthly users, which is not much compared to the giant Tinder and its 75 million lovers each month.

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