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This detail on your bank card can ruin your vacation: you need to check it before you leave

Many French people are affected by this verification.

Summer is finally settling in! The return of the sun begins à make the sweet melody of the upcoming holidays rustle among millions of French people. Scheduled for several months or still not organized, the summer break is eagerly awaited. However, it can quickly be spoiled. This is due to a detail that many people forget to check before leaving. 

Preparing for vacation is often tedious: finding a place, accommodation, activities and even sometimes, a vehicle to be able to move around… A hell of a logistics that is as satisfying once completed as it is irritating when preparing it. And when everything is ready, all that's left is: leave with the risk of a cold shower upon arrival. And we're not talking about the weather here!

Very often, especially à Abroad, vacationers face challenges. a major disappointment: the car reserved for the stay cannot be collected beforehand. e. No, they weren't scammed. It's their bank card that is at fault. A small inscription on the piece of plastic used to pay prevents the rental from being completed.

This detail on your bank card can ruin your vacation: you need to check it before you leave

Car rental companies generally ask for a rental fee. This requires that the customer has a credit card and not a debit card to be able to borrow a vehicle. The difference is clear: a credit card allows the rental company to provision money (notably the deposit) even if your current account does not ;does not display the required amount; On the other hand, a debit card does not authorize a payment or prepayment of an amount greater than the original amount. the money available in the current account, despite overdraft authorizations.

To find out what type of card you have, nothing could be simpler. On his bank card, the word "Credit" or "Debit" is written on the front of the card. Better to check it before leaving because, according to UFC Que Choisir, the majority Most French people have a debit card, therefore a card that can prevent you from renting a vehicle. However, a solution exists if debit card holders have no other choice: subscribe to a debit card. particularly expensive insurance directly from the rental company.

Among the countries where the credit card is compulsory to rent a car, professionals in the sector Sixt, Avis and Hertz indicate that this concerns in particular a few popular summer destinations: Croatia, Greece, Malta or even Portugal. On the other hand, in France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, debit cards can be accepted in agencies. However, it is preferable to carefully read the general rental conditions, carefully and carefully. the "Payment" section, to avoid spending the holidays at home. foot.

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