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This equipment is the #1 target for thieves, be wary if you have it on your car

Thefts of this equipment, which is very common on new cars, are increasing almost everywhere in France.

Car theft is big business. Specialized networks often resell stolen vehicles abroad or use them to commit other crimes. But some criminals “just” steal certain parts of a car, such as wheels or exhaust pipes, always with the aim of reselling them to make money. With the rise of on-board digital technology, In recent years, to improve the driving experience of motorists, manufacturers have developed new technologies. One of them, very popular with users, is becoming a favorite target for thieves, as reported by France Bleu in Narbonne.

This is already the case at Renault, which has been deploring an exponential number of complaints from its customers for some time. Several models of the French brand are indeed attracting the covetousness of criminals for a particular piece of equipment. Appearing en masse in a few years, reversing cameras are now at the heart of a vast traffic. Owners of the latest versions of Clio, Megane and Captur are increasingly numerous to pay the price and the phenomenon is spreading to the whole of France.

This equipment is the #1 target for thieves, be wary if you have it on your car

Especially since removing a reversing camera on these models of the diamond brand is not very complicated! The criminals dismantle them after removing the logo placed on the rear in the center of the tailgate. Located behind the logo, the camera can be removed with a simple screwdriver. In a few minutes, thieves get their hands on their loot, often during the night, and the victims, helpless, can only observe the damage. For them, the bill is particularly salty since these reversing cameras most often cost between 300 and 400 euros. Thieves sell them for a little less on the internet, on sites like Le Bon Coin which is full of ads for reversing cameras.

Reversing cameras installed on cars are mainly used to help the driver during their maneuvers, generally when trying to park. Broadcast on the central screen of the dashboard, the images offer a clear view of what is directly behind the vehicle, which allows you to see possible obstacles. Most car manufacturers now offer rearview cameras on their new models, sometimes as standard equipment or as an option.

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