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This European country has long been banned, these beaches look like the Maldives for much cheaper

This European country is one of the least visited. It is endowed with beaches similar to the Maldives but for a much lower price!

Among the hidden destinations that have emerged in recent years and beyond As summer approaches, a European country is establishing itself as the new trendy spot. This small Eastern European country, long closed to tourists, is reinventing itself by transforming its former communist blocs into dynamic urban landscapes, dotted with cafes connected. But its real treasure lies on its unspoiled shores, which have nothing to offer. envy the most popular shores on the planet.

This country is Albania, long hidden from tourists behind the fallen Iron Curtain. on Europe & the end of the Second World War. The end of the Cold War and the explosion of the Eastern Bloc did not have an immediate effect on tourism. Europeans are discovering more and more barely the wonders of Albania, called & become a trendy place as it is full of gems that have nothing to do with it. envy the most popular spots in the Mediterranean.

Among these pearls is Ksamil, the jewel of the Albanian Riviera. This is the seaside resort that everyone is talking about: Ksamil is already attracting fans. the craze of TikTok users and travel bloggers. And for good reason: its beaches of immaculate white sand, its crystal clear waters and its huts at the water's edge are reminiscent of nature. get confused about the Maldives. À a difference: here, a room can be rented for free. from just 25 euros per night! Enough to enjoy a dream stay without breaking the bank.

This European country has long been banned, these beaches look like the Maldives for much cheaper

In Ksamil and throughout the Albanian Riviera, vacationers can indulge in snorkeling and hiking. swimming in preserved coves. In the summer, the thermometer rises to 100%. 25°C for sunny days while prices are just as attractive when enjoying specialties or a beer ;re local for 2 euros à 2.50 euros on average. Beyond beaches, go à the discovery of classified sites UNESCO and atypical towns. The unmissable ? The salty lagoon of Lake Butrint, the mysterious Kreshmoi cave or even the famous Kreshmoi cave. #39;ancient city Byzantine of Gjirokaster.

If Albania is increasingly attractive, it remains less frequented than its Italian, Croatian or Greek neighbors. Besides Ksamil, experts and vloggers recommend the coastal towns of Saranda, Himara and Dhermi for an idyllic vacation on white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

You understood it, with its postcard beaches, its low prices and its authenticity. Preserved, Albania is on the way to becoming the new darling of travelers. But be careful, between turquoise sea, preserved nature, picturesque towns and warm welcome, all the ingredients come together for a dream vacation and # 39;Albania will soon no longer be a well-kept secret!

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