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This fake app sends your data to Russia. Don't delay in deleting it!

Experts in cyber security have recently found a pirate application masquerading as a very well-known application.

Hackers are full of ideas, each more ingenious than the last. Their final goal generally remains the same. ;nbsp;: compromise and steal your personal data. Their methods, however, continue to evolve and diversify in order to deceive you. Among the techniques most often used in recent years In other words, pretending to be someone you know is generally very effective. The victim will trust the hacker, thinking of contacting the hacker. a close relative or friend and easily fall into their trap.

But it is also possible that hackers are not imitating those around you, but an application that is just as familiar to you! A scourge that returns regularly every year with all kinds of clones of popular applications. These copycats imitate à the official application is almost perfect and are counting on these similarities to encourage you to try it. download them.

This fake app sends your data to Russia. Don't delay in deleting it!

Once a pirate clone is installed; on your smartphone, the latter will generally trigger several unwanted and dangerous operations for your personal information and your security. ;eacute;. This is particularly the case of a recent pirate application spotted by cybersecurity experts. from AG Data.

These experts recently discovered an application imitating & near perfection Google Chrome, the famous browser launched in in 2008 and adapted; subsequently applied. This clone app takes over a large part of the options and functionalities of the real Google Chrome, to the same extent. with a few exceptions: once installed, the pirate application is capable of hijacking your phone's permissions to op  make calls and read your SMS without your consent. The data thus collected is then sent to different servers located in Russia.

To differentiate this false application from the original, the researchers notably observed: that the clone sent many more notifications than the real Google Chrome. These notifications were generally spam and dubious advertising propositions.

If you feel like you don't have the real version of Google Chrome on your smartphone, we recommend that you delete the recent té downloaded and go to your destination. again on the Google Play Store (or App Store if you use an iPhone) to find the real Chrome. The real version has more than 10 billion downloads.

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