This fertilizer will make the orchid shower with flowers. The plant will bloom all year round

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How to make an orchid bloom?

This feróz will make an orchid burst with flowers. The plant will bloom all year round

Orchids are very popular among Poles. Their beauty makes us choose them both for our homes and office spaces. For all their exoticism, they are quite easy to grow. However, it happens that our orchid does not bloom. How to make a plant burst with buds?

Give it to the orchid to start blooming

Natural fertilizer that will nourish the orchid will certainly be found in our kitchen. Milk, because we are talking about it, will improve the condition of the orchid, thanks to the protein and elements contained in it. Thanks to fertilizing with milk, the orchid will regain its strength to bloom all year round! How to prepare the conditioner?

To prepare the supplement, we need 0.5 l of milk and one tablespoon of milk (it should have at least 3.2 percent fat). Mix both ingredients and pour the prepared mixture over the orchid, which you previously placed in a bowl. We leave the plant in the conditioner for a quarter of an hour.

This fertilizer will make your orchid bloom. The plant will bloom all year round

< p>After this time, we take out the pot with the plant, thoroughly draining the excess of the nutrient. The best results will be obtained by repeating this treatment every two months. We shouldn't do it less than once a month.

It is also worth washing the orchid leaves at least once every two weeks with a cotton pad soaked in a solution prepared from 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of milk.

Check the orchid's position

The problem with flowering may also be related to the fact that we did not provide the orchid with the right conditions. It should be remembered that the plant feels best in a bright position where it has access to diffused light. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

It is best to place it on the windowsills of windows facing east or south-west. In rooms with south-facing windows, you can safely place the plant away from windows without the need for artificial lighting.

This nawoóz will make an orchid shower The plant will bloom all year round

It is important not to move the plant during the flowering period – if we change its place, it may lose its buds. Orchids do not benefit from drafts, too much watering, bright light, and too high temperature.

And you, what proven patents do you have to make an orchid shower with flowers?

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