This five-minute test will reveal what your subconscious mind is hiding from you


    May 2, 2018, 09:34 | Science and technology

    Very apt!

    This five-minute test will tell you what the subconscious is hiding from you

    Tired of hustle and bustle, routine and monotony? Do you want to stimulate your brain, relax, dream, find out what your subconscious is hiding? We offer a five-minute game based on the ability to fantasize!

    Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down what you will imagine so you don't forget, reports Ukr.Media.

    Imagine a desert as vast as you can imagine. In this desert stands a cube..

    Task 1

    Your first task is to describe this cube. What does he look like? How big is it? What is this cube made of? Where exactly is it located? There are no right answers here, just your own thoughts. Take a moment before continuing — details are very important.

    Task 2

    So you are in the desert, you see a cube, and you also notice that there are stairs. Your second task (there are only five of them) is to describe the stairs. What are they made of? How long? Where are they located in relation to the cube?

    Task 3

    Now imagine that there is a horse in the desert. Your third task: describe the horse. Most importantly, how far is the horse from you, what is he doing? In which direction is it moving? What does it look like?

    Task 4

    A little patience, you are almost there. Next, imagine that in the desert, right at your feet, you see many flowers. Your penultimate task: describe these flowers. How many are there? Where do they grow? How do they look? Where are they located in relation to the horse, cube, stairs and sand?

    Task 5

    And one last question. In the desert where you are — thunderstorm. Describe it. What kind of thunderstorm is this? Strong wind? Raises sand? Is she near you or far away? In which direction from you? Does the storm affect the horse, flowers, cube, or stairs in any way?

    If you play this game honestly, the answers you get will surprise you. Don't take everything too seriously. But I must warn you: the next part will destroy your dreams of ever playing this game again. If you are not ready to find out what exactly your subconscious is hiding, I advise you to stop right now.

    This five-minute test will tell you what the subconscious is hiding from you

    So, let's now understand what these symbols are:

    1. Cube — this is your ego

    The size of this cube is your own self: a large cube means that you are a fairly self-confident person who is able to organize your business, be a good leader, and if you need to make a toast at a holiday , you will be happy to show your oratorical skills.

    If your cube is small, then, most likely, you are a timid and modest person. You are shy and hardly like to be noticed at loud parties, and if you are offered to give a toast, you will find many reasons to refuse and quickly leave. But you should not be so afraid of saying words and being noticed at a party in general, because there is a very high probability that if you are invited to come to the holiday, you simply will not go.

    The placement of the cube in relation to the ground indicates how seriously you take life. Resting on sand? You are probably a very down-to-earth and realistic person. Hanging in the sky? You are most likely an easy going, flying in the clouds optimist.

    The material of the cube conveys how open you are: a transparent cube symbolizes open and honest people, an opaque cube — you probably have something to hide or don't want to be the subject of discussion. Does it glow? You are a positive and cheerful person who strives to cheer up everyone around you. Made of granite? You probably strive for protection from external negative factors and strength in relationships with people. The trick is that when you're asked to describe an empty, abstract entity — cube — your imagination will tend to project its own identity in relation to the cube. This example is as old as life, but in this case it is shown from the most interesting side, closer and understandable to you.

    2. Stairs — these are your friends

    Remember how the stairs are located in relation to the cube. Do they rely on it or not? If they rely on you, then you know that your friends and loved ones can always rely on you and count on your help. If not, but they are lying nearby on the sand, it means that you rarely ask for help from loved ones, as you are not ready to offer it yourself. Are the stairs reliable or old and broken? Tall or short? Wide or narrow? Knowing the answer to the question of what the stairs mean, you are now in a position to draw your own conclusions about you and your friends. But don't be too serious and don't be disappointed if your imagination drew not quite the right images, don't forget that everything is relative in this test.

    3. Horse — is your partner

    The type of horse can tell a lot about what you want to see in your partner. Some people see a stable, brown, workhorse, others a beautiful, shiny Pegasus or a unicorn. What is your partner in your opinion in relation to the horse?

    Does your horse rub against the cube with its mane, or wants to pinch it by the corner? Most likely, you have a warm and trusting relationship with your chosen one. Is the horse far from the cube or walking away from it? You are probably insecure about your partner or you think he is not honest enough with you.

    4. Flowers — these are your children

    The number of flowers means how many children you want to have or see near you. Some people see only one dried daisy; others are a bright, blooming garden, enveloping the cube and the desert below (make sure the children don't sit on your neck).

    The color and vitality of flowers can tell about their health and prosperity. Arrangement of flowers — in particular, in relation to the cube — can show you a rather interesting relationship between you and your children. Once I conducted a test for a woman whose horse ate these same flowers.

    5. Thunderstorm — these are your fears

    Thunderstorm symbolizes a threat and your fears about you and your life. This tells about the current state of a person and how he perceives the possibility of the presence of risk in his life. Some see a thunderstorm far on the horizon, disappearing from view. Others see themselves in the midst of a thunder apocalypse, hail the size of a tennis ball falling on a cube and on poor cognac. Most likely, these people have accumulated resentments, emotional traumas that may prevent them from living.

    Take this test with ease and don't forget that it's just a game. This test is not a serious scientific and psychological study that should be taken seriously. However, I think you have something to think about.


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