This French startup is raising €80m to get rid of button batteries

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The startup ITEN wants to achieve production of several hundred million micro batteries per year.

This French startup raises 80M € to get rid of button batteries

As we mentioned in a previous article, the ecosystem of French startups does not experience the crisis, since fundraising continues. And among the nuggets that have recently been talked about, there is ITEN. This October, it announced a major fundraising in order to produce its micro batteries on a very large scale.

Ecological transition obliges, we talk more often about batteries today. But while other projects focus on recharging vehicles, or on batteries capable of powering an entire city, ITEN produces micro batteries with a thickness comparable to that of two hairs.

The end of button cell batteries?

In its line of sight are button batteries. Indeed, ITEN wants to replace these batteries with its rechargeable and greener microbatteries. As Fabien Gaben, CEO and founder of ITEN, explained in an interview with BFM Business, the high-tech sector has miniaturized everything except these button batteries, which are still used as a backup power source on some electronic products. .

What the French startup offers is a Li-ion ceramic battery with a thousand times greater power density, but a reduced size. These micro batteries can be soldered directly onto the circuits, and are not disposable, unlike button batteries.

In addition to the fact that this new type of battery can replace button batteries, it also opens the way to the creation of new experiences, such as connected labels. These nano batteries would also be suitable for connected contact lenses, thanks to miniaturization.

80 million euros to produce a new type of battery

As mentioned above, the startup, based in Dardilly, has just announced a major fundraising: 80 million euros from Bpifrance, from Groupe SEB, as well as EREN Groupe, Habert Dassault Finances and Innovacom.

With these funds, ITEN will create its French factories. The goal is to produce several hundred million micro batteries per year.

To produce these batteries, the startup had to develop everything from A to Z, whether it was the development of nanomaterials, or the manufacturing equipment.   After more than 8 years of R&D, we have more than 200 patents worldwide, our technology is mature and we will be able to supply all manufacturers, even those using the most electronic components. demanding, such as manufacturers of medical equipment whose products must be sterilized at 150 degrees , said Fabien Gaben, CEO and founder of ITEN, in a press release.

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