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This French tourist place but has been disfigured, it finds itself in a ranking of the ugliest areas!” /></p>
<p> A major tourist site has been curiously highlighted by a ranking which lists the ugliest sites in France! </p>
<p>It is one of the favorite historical sites of the French who flock there in large numbers every year. It is even a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status. However, a recent ranking has just placed it among the ugliest sites in France! This site is Carnac, in Brittany, known worldwide for its alignments of menhirs dating from the Neolithic, long before our ancestors the Gauls.</p>
<p>This time, it is not for its dolmens and menhirs that the town of Morbihan made the headlines but by winning the curious "Prix de la France Moche" awarded by Landscapes of France. To achieve this, the association highlighted photography. The distinction was granted to the commune of Morbihan due to a temporary development along the departmental road 196, near the famous alignments of Ménec. The Paysages de France association, focused on the fight against ugliness, ironically welcomed this "beautiful, very rectilinear alignment, with perfectly identical menhirs, without any vegetation to hide them". This amusing remark was aimed at the white poles, of which there are around 500 present on the road bordering the site.</p>
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© Landscapes of France

To produce its classification, the association collects photographs sent by its members. The municipality de Carnac quickly reacted by explaining that these poles were part of a temporary arrangement linked to the situation. à a test aimed at transform the road into one way. He would have recently been set up by the department of Morbihan and the town of Carnac after a tragic accident involving a cyclist.

Emphasizing that this was a temporary measure necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the of the modification, the municipality assured that these posts would not be left in place permanently. Note that among the other winners we find Paris and its Place des Vosges invaded by advertising, but also Chavelot and Honfleur put on display. honor for the massive presence of advertising signs at the entrance to the city in particular.

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