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This hybrid car costs less than 13,000 euros, it promises 2500 kilometers without refueling or recharging

A manufacturer announced a revolution with its new plug-in hybrid models capable of traveling more than 2,500 km without recharging or refueling.

This is a new warning for historic European manufacturers, long kings of automobiles, including in China. With 2,500 kilometers announced without refueling or recharging, a new model stands out as one of the surprises of 2024. This SUV is stunning ;eacute;fié the world at the last Beijing show in April and could well reshuffle the cards if it arrives on our soil soon.

This coup comes at a time when all manufacturers are working on solutions to reassure consumers about the autonomy of hybrid and electric vehicles . This resounding announcement was made made by the manufacturer BYD, a Chinese firm which has recorded record sales for several weeks on the market. of electricity.

In hybrid, BYD already dominates; clearly the market Chinese with one in two sales in 2024 and is therefore gearing up for growth. also land in Europe on the market. of the plug-in hybrid. In China, two hybrid vehicles are sold there. less than 13,000 euros, the Qin L DM-i sedan and the Seal 06 DM-i SUV. Their secret? A new platform called e-Platform 4.0 which will also serve as a basis for future 100% electric in-house models.

This hybrid car costs less than 13,000 euros, it promises 2500 kilometers without refueling or recharging

Behind the sensational announcement, however, BYD remains stingy with technical details. Integrated heat engine, power and capacity of the battery, charging mode, everything still remains quite confidential, like the price which will actually be displayed. in Europe where certain mandatory standards generally increase the price of Chinese cars. One thing is certain: to reach 2,500 kilometers, the equivalent of a trip from New York to Miami, a Madrid-Berlin or more than a Lille-Marseille round trip, the engineers had to do this. drastically reduce consumption. This could involve a more efficient gasoline unit, an optimized hybrid system and a more efficient hybrid system. and a very aerodynamic body.

Behind this communication war, the real use raises questions as do the figures put forward. BYD should thus be helped by the Chinese CLTC approval cycle, more favorable than our European WLTP. So not sure that the 2500 kilometers are really achievable here. But no matter! The main thing is elsewhere for BYD: making an impression and outpacing the competition, with shattering figures. The electric car war is undoubtedly upon us. this price.

Teilor Stone

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