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This invention transforms a thermal car into a hybrid for 3000€


Climate change must lead to a large-scale emergency response and clear changes in the way we live. These words are those of the latest IPCC report, concerned about the climate situation on the planet.

Among the solutions proposed by the international group, the transition to electric or at least hybrid cars, the most quickly possible. A transition encouraged in France by the government with its ecological bonus, but which has not yet managed to appeal to everyone.

A hybrid car for €3,000

Indeed, buying an electric or hybrid car is expensive, and transforming your thermal car into a less polluting model is a complex activity, which not all garages do. But this state of affairs could be about to change.

A young Australian engineer has just developed a solution capable of transforming any car into a hybrid. To achieve this, it uses a small battery at the rear of the car, near the spare wheel. The latter operates “pancake” motors placed directly on the wheel axle.

This easy-to-install and inexpensive solution requires only €3,000 and half a day of work for an experienced mechanic. For the moment this invention remains a paper discovery and no hybrid car prototype with such a system exists.

Moving from paper to metal

The young engineer admits it himself, his invention is still far from being able to hit the road, a few problems must be resolved before that. The question of modulation between electrical power and thermal power must in particular be resolved. It is also necessary to ensure that the addition of motors on the axle of the wheels does not cause complications in the steering.

Finally it will be necessary to find a solution to operate all the electrical devices of the car (heating, radio, lights) when the combustion engine is off. On a classic car, it is the power of the latter which makes it possible to recharge the battery and operate these devices for hours.

If no hybrid car prototype yet exists with this system of manufacturing, there should be enough investors in the coming months around the young prodigy for him to move from paper to metal. The latter also won the prestigious James Dyson innovation prize. This international competition is widely followed by investment funds looking for the inventor with “the” good idea.

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