This is how every driver will be able to release frozen brake pads on their own


January 19, 2021, 09:39 | Auto

When the pads are frozen, every motorist can solve the problem of unlocking the wheels by following certain rules.

Here's how every driver will be able to release frozen brake pads on their own

In winter, due to temperature changes, high humidity, after a long time of parking with the handbrake or washer on, the brake pads can freeze, blocking the wheels. In this case, it is not possible to move from the place in any case, as there is a high risk of breaking the brakes, informs Ukr.Media.

How to solve the problem depends on the type of brake system installed on a specific car. Due to the differences in the design of drum and disc brakes, they should be defrosted differently. When the pads are frozen inside the brake drum, it is more difficult to solve the problem because there is no direct access to them.

Several ways to defrost the pads

If there are some signs of blocking the brake system, then you can try to move off very carefully. At the first failure, it is better to stop such attempts so as not to cause even more damage.

The pads frozen to the drum can be released in several ways:

  1. One of the technologies requires heating the brake pads. At the same time, the thermal effect should be applied directly to the drum, without removing the wheels. It is possible to save the situation by carefully melting the ice with a thin stream of water around 50-70 °C. It is important to take into account that in severe frosts it can quickly cool down and begin to freeze, causing even greater problems.
  2. For another technology, you will need a hose, one end of which is put on the exhaust pipe, and the other is directed directly to the brake drum. After a short period of time, the hot exhaust gases will release the frozen pads.
  3. If the rear pads of the handbrake are frozen on the drum systems, then the task of releasing them can be solved mechanically. To do this, you need to remove the wheels, tap along the perimeter of the drum through a wooden insert. It is necessary to tap until the moment when a characteristic crackle of ice appears. After that, rotate the drum until it rotates freely. This procedure must be carried out with each wheel.
  4. If you have disc brakes, releasing the pads is easier because there is direct access to them. You can solve the problem with the help of improvised means that are inside the trunk. For example, through the holes in the wheel discs, the brake mechanism can be poured with anti-freezing fluid for glass. In addition, for this purpose, you can prepare a saturated saline solution right inside the plastic bottle. It should not be saved during watering. It is important to use warm, but not hot water!
  5. If there is nothing suitable at hand, then you should melt the snow inside a plastic bottle and pour the obtained liquid over the brake mechanism. It should be remembered that after that you need to start moving immediately. Otherwise, the water may freeze.

Prevention of freezing

In order to prevent problems related to the brakes freezing, certain rules should be followed during the cold weather:

  1. Periodically, you need to dry the brake system with a series of light pedal presses.
  2. It is important to give up the habit of using the handbrake lever.
  3. If the car is left on the surface with an inclination forward, it is better to engage the reverse gear. Otherwise, the car usually switches to first gear.
  4. In situations where there is no way to do without the handbrake, it is recommended to raise it only up to one click. For insurance, it is recommended to put a stone or a piece of brick under the wheels.

To increase the safety and efficiency of winter driving, it is better to learn to use intermittent or gradual braking. At the same time, on cars with mechanics, it is not recommended to squeeze the clutch at the beginning of the process.

Proper operation of the vehicle in winter cold and temperature drops will help prevent a number of problems with the brakes.


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